Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rennaissance Woman

Paz Maura Pineda-Bonoan is my grandmother. Called Lola Chiching, she typified the Filipina woman who underwent many changes in the 20th century. She survived many wars, including one that challenged her as a mother of 5 boys. During WWII, the Japanese bombed Manila despite it being declared an Open City by Douglas MacArthur. In order to escape the bombs that were dropping left and right, she tied all of her boys with a rope on their belt loops. When a bomb starts whistling down, she tugs one boy to pull the others as well to safety.

This lay-out was made for the MLA Challenge this October. This is my first tribute to this wonderful woman. Hidden Journal: Born at the turn of the century, Lola Chiching stood up to the challenges of the Modern Filipina.

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