Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gauche Alchemy Work #3 is out!- Altered Eyeglass Case

This time, I altered my eyeglass case using the Nevermore Kit. I'm so glad I was able to use the silver rose cufflink! My hubby wanted to have it for himself but I told him no. Besides, it doesn't have a match! Check it out in

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gauche Alchemy Work #2 is out!

This is a LO I made of myself using the ephemera found in the Nevermore Kit. It came from an old Playboy Magazine, would you believe?! To check it out, head on to

Sunday, October 19, 2008

2 New Projects done for Gauche Alchemy!

I'm done! I recently did a LO of myself, plus an altered eyeglass case for Gauche Alchemy. They'll both be posted in the next few weeks. Good thing I'm done too since I'll be holing myself into a corner to start working on the children's evaluations for the 1st Semester PTCs! Arrrgh!!! The tension is mounting so the best course is to start chipping away at the pile.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gauche Alchemy Work #1 is out!

My work, a mini-album of my Dad's family, is now up in Gauche Alchemy's blog! It really turned out beautifully, and I must say that I'm really proud of myself with this one. Not only did I make a beautiful art project involving the inspiring Gauche Alchemy Nevermore Kit, I have something to give to my dad on his birthday in November! Do check it out This kit is really scrumptious and so is their hardware!

Scrappin' Moms Idol Entry Week 6- Why do you want to be the next Scrappin' Moms Idol?

This was, I believe, the most challenging week. Only 6 elements could be used and I wasn't quite sure if I was doing things correctly because of the very strict requirements.

I ended up with an upside down cropped picture of myself and just made fun of my white hair. Since I saw myself literally have more white hair each day, I decided that this was one reason I want to become the next Idol.

Journal: I would like to be the next Scrappin' Moms Idol because I am getting too old for thi. Everyday this year, I find more white hair. So before all my hair turns white, I'd like to win. I don't think anyone would want a Scrappin' Lola for an idol!!!

Scrappin' Moms Idol Entry Week 5- Assymmetrical Balance

Assymetrical balance was required, plus at least 1 huge photo. Although I could have left the remaining part of the cs blank, I decided to counter the big monotone photo with a small colored one. To add interest, I folded and sanded the photos to create graphically interesting lines to frame the subject. I got so engrossed in doing it, i decided to do the same for the cs as well. Since the cs didn't have a white core, I had to simulate it by folding, then running a white stamp ink on it. Then I stamped a script design all over for more interest. B&W rub-ons, plus a handwritten journal in both black and white, completed the LO.

Scrappin' Moms Idol Entry Week 4- Layers of Me

For Week #4, we were given the task to concentrate on Layers of Me, showing literally layers of embellishments. I decide to focus on the theme literally. I cut through the cs using a hand-cutter, then rolled it away from the picture placed behind the hole. This was done twice, first with the beige cs, then with the final black cs. Then I hand-cut my flowers, leaves and even the leaf paisleys. I also added dots of fabric pearl glue for more dimension. Finally, I used the blue patina of Perfect Pearls to cover the edges of the lay-out.

Scrappin' Moms Idol Entry Week 3- Direction & Movement

Following the parameters of Direction and Movement, Zany This Boy is a lay-out I made of my son. I used a Z-direction format and used the red color to draw attention to the title, an arrow to start with the small photos, a red vine to bring down the eye to the larger photo, then to the red Dymo journal, then to the words " my world." Because really, since my boy is "zany," so is my world.

I love the colors of this LO since it is very vintage in its appearance. I also like how the edges are highlighted by both the walnut ink and by Perfect Pearls.

Scrappin' Moms Idol Entry Week 2- Red,Orange,Green & Purple

Week 2 centered on just the four colors red, orange, green and purple. This isn't an easy task since it was difficult to find pps with ONLY those colors. Only black and white can be added to the embellies and the alphas.

Since I didn't have the colors I needed from the scrapbook supplies, I ended up scouring National Bookstore. I ended up with colored sand. Thus, using the Dove of the East China and Japan papers, I was able to make a sand mosaic on top of the green bamboo print. Of course, I used orange, green and purple as highlights to the predominantly green design. Then I made my own Yin & Yang embellishment using a Maya Road Tree Circle plus 2 buttons.

Scrappin' Moms Idol Entry Week 1- Party Package

My party package centers on a Postal Theme. This package is for a Philatelist Convention. Included are the following: 1) A handmade invitation and matching envelope. The invitation is a pop-up mailbox and inside the mailbox are the tickets + program of activities.
2) Mailbox centerpiece. To mimic the pop-up invitation, I made a big mailbox which will house flowers, the program of activities again, plus any other leaflet/flyer for each table. On the side, it reads: Philatelist Society.
3) Placemat. It looks live the envelope of the invitation but is personalized with the name of the guest. This is entirely made of paper so it is fully recyclable.

4) Placeholder. This looks like a mini-centerpiece mailbox but again, also has the name of the guest.

5)Giveaway. Inside a handmade paperbag that again, looks like an letter envelope is a stamp album whose front cover has been altered. Inside the album are freebie stamps, newly-printed stamps.

Of course, I couldn't help but also add other embellies to the table such as tracing paper flowers and curling ribbons for a more festive mood.

Scrappin' Moms Idol Entries- Elimination Entry

I've been quite busy after the Idols Challenge, I've forgotten to post everything that I've done! So here goes:

This is my entry to the Elimination Round. Title is Paperdolls in reference to my mom's penchant for dressing us up in similar, if not identical clothes. She even sometimes dresses the same way!

Journal reads: When we were young, our mom dressed us up in identical or similar clothes. She often sewed them herself. Obviously, we were our mom's favorite paperdolls.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's here! The Gauche Alchemy GDT October Kit!

I just received the Gauche Alchemy GDT October Kit and I must say that this is the yummiest kit I've ever seen! The colors are just my style, and the ephemera, so gorgeous and really vintage- looking!!! There were magazine pages (actual ephemera) with prints and texts, my mind is running overtime just thinking of how to use them! The Cloud 9 Book and Box Set album is to die for, so is the Teresa Collins for Junkitz Glitterz Alpha! And, the piece d' resistance... the metal and crystal embellishments! There's a drawer pull, silver clips, several sprockets (actual metal gears)!!! I've never seen anything like them!!! Just looking at them, I think I've found a way to scrap my son's photos without sacrificing my vintage style! Can't wait to start working on this! Hopefully in 3 days. --- And the countdown begins!

Scrappin' Moms Idol2 is Cookie!

Yesterday was really a blast! Our Philippine Scrapbooking Community had its 2nd Scrappin' Moms Idol Finale. This honor was bestowed on our friend, Cookie Aguilar! This comes not as a surprise to us because of her ability to come up with spectacular cutting edge designs. And not only is she recognised by her peers here, she is also recognized by international scrapbooking websites, as well as by Chatterbox as a manufacturer's Design Team Member!

Runners up were Donna Espiritu and Issa Lucido, both very well respected scrapbookers with unique talents of their own. Both are also blazing trails in the international scene.

The Final 10, including myself, is a merry bunch of talented scrappers. We each have our own style and it is quite amazing how much talent and ingenuity everyone has.

I myself didn't fare too well. I was harassed (because of a school Open House Seminar I had to conduct) so I came in late. I was actually more harassed because of the lateness, rather than the challenge. I'm cranky and inconsolable when arriving at anything late, whether it's a play, a party, or even mass. I knew that this was a possibility but I just had to make do with the circumstances.

I am really comfortable with my vintage style and wouldn't trade it for the world. Nevertheless, I let myself be swayed to go for a "brighter"-colored lay-out. Unfortunately, since this really isn't my element, I should have known to just trust my own instincts. The result was ok, but not one of my best. In fact, I was downright embarassed at what I was able to come up with. Truth is, I had difficulty with the patterned papers given. Since we had to use all of them, plus all of the elements inside the package, I spent the better hour just making my octagonally shaped stop sign LO. Hence, when the top 3 winners were announced, I was not surprised. They really deserved the accolade. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to console myself by doing my scrapshopping because of a long brownout. I couldn't see what I wanted to buy!

When I got home however, a package was waiting for me. (See earlier post.) This certainly perked me up!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My uncle, Tito Rolly, was one of my favorite uncles. I made this LO as a tribute to him being a Jesuit priest. I recently submitted this to Inspire Me of Webster's Pages.

Journal reads: My Uncle Rolly was pre-ordained to be a priest. As a young boy, his idea of "play" is to pretend to "raise the bread" and to "say mass." His dream to become a priest did bring him to the Jesuits. He dedicated his whole life to being what he wanted to be. His life was pre-ordained.