Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prima's Big Secret!

Prima is about to reveal something big! They have this mysterious purple curtain that opens to reveal something. To see what's behind the curtain, go to I wonder what gorgeous products will come out of Prima this time!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prima Beauties!

Look at all of these gorgeous Prima baubles!!! Prima is one of two sites I am totally addicted to (the other being Tim Holtz' website). I can't resist salivating over their gorgeous flowers, laces, papers, swirls, and now canvas aprons, camera totes and more! Until I got hooked on Prima, I didn't even realize that I'm a hopeless romantic, albiet a vintage one. Even when I'm quite busy, I still need to take a short peek.

Just now, I saw that Prima is inviting everyone to post their new products on their respective blogs. Of course, because of my weakness for all things Prima, I just have to give a go at it. It's definitely a long shot with so many Prima admirers, but what do I have to lose? I think I have everything to gain. If I don't win, well...I'll just have to wait until my fav LSS gets me these baubles. It may cost me, but not having these baubles will cost my soul more.