Monday, March 31, 2008

My Little Book of Ancestors

This is a little child's ancestor book. It is intended to introduce my 4-year old to his ancestors as well as see his connection with them. Each of the ancestors has a 2x2 ID photo, plus a photo inside the flap, including a trait or characteristic that was passed on to my son. Inside flap photos show my son with his ancestor (parent or grandparent). For deceased ancestors, I used a photo of the ancestor together with me or my husband or close relative. It also has a LO page for my son to tie him to his ancestors. At the end of the book is a family tree that spans 5 generations. Minimal embellishments were used because of the thickness of the whole book. Also, by minimizing the embellishments, I lessen the chance of the book getting easily destroyed with handling by my son. This little book of ancestors is meant to be just a start in Galo's ancestry. It can also be expanded and developed with more volumes and is only limited by the lack of old photos and still uncovered information.

Journal: (The format for each ancestor is the same as that for my little boy.)

1st- This is Daddy Arn. I got my love for Math, audio speakers and F-1 Racing from him. (Inside flap) Daddy Arn was born on Dec.30,1963 in Quezon City. He is a great Mathematician, a writer, an editor and a computer, speak and dvd afficionado. (Photo shows Daddy with Galo.)

2nd- This is Mommy Candy. I got my creativity, love for the piano and for music from her. (Inside flap) Mommy Candy was born on Aug.1,1965 in Manila. She is an artist, a genealogist and a Montessori teacher. (Photo shows Mommy with Galo.)

3rd- This is Lolo Arnie. I got my big Lagazon ears from him. (Inside flap) Lolo Arnie Lagazon is Daddy's daddy. He was born on Dec.21,1936. He is a retired well-respected Language teacher. (Photo shows Lolo Arnie with Galo.)

4th- This is Lola Tessie. I got my determination to do things my own way from her. (Inside flap) Lola Tessie is Daddy's mommy. She was born on May16,1940. She died on Mar.30,1986. She was an elementary teacher and a child psychologist. (Photo shows Lola Tessie with daddy.)

5th- This is Lolo Butch. I got my distinctive Bonoan chin from him. (Inside flap) Lolo Butch is Mommy's daddy. He was born on Nov.10,1941. He was a banker and a finance expert. He is also a businessman. (Photo shows Lolo Butch with Galo.)

6th- This is Lola Connie. I got my love for dismantling things from her. (Inside flap) Lola Connie is Mommy's mommy. She was born on June 7,1943. She is a businesswoman, a construction expert and a Jill-of-all-trades. (Photo shows Lola Connie with Galo.)

7th- This is Greatlolo Martin. I got my wide Bonoan forehead from him. (Inside flap) Lolo Martin is Mommy's grandfather and the father of Lolo Butch. He was born on May 4,1904. He died on Jan.17,1957. He was a war veteran and an engineer. (Photo shows Lolo Martin smoking a cigar.)

8th- This is Greatlola Chiching. I got my big Pineda eyes and beautiful nose from her. (Inside flap) Lola Chiching is Mommy's grandmother and the mother of Lolo Butch. She was born on Jan.15,1900. She died on Oct.9,1991. She raised her 5 sons single-handedly after Lolo Martin's death. (Photo shows Lola Chiching with mommy.)

9th- This is Greatlolo Carding. I got my dark and tanned skin coloring from him. (Inside flap) Lolo Carding is mommy's grandfather and the father of Lola Connie. He was born on Apr.22,1910. He died on Apr.11,1979. He was a printing ink manufacturer. (Photo shows Lolo Carding with mommy.)

10th- This is Greatlola Mary. I got my love for chocolates from her. (Inside flap) Lola Maria is Mommy's grandmother and the mother of Lola Connie. She was born on Feb.7,1916. She died on Nov.9,1960. She was a housewife and was a beauty shop owner. (Photo shows Lola Maria with Lola Baby, Lola Connie's sister, and Lolo Carding.)

11th- This is me, Galo. I got everything, my looks, my brains and my personality from all of them. They are my ancestors. (Inside flap) I was born on Jan.8,2004. I am 4 years old. I like Ferrari F1s, Disney dvds, toy cars and singing. I like having fun and teasing others. (Photo shows of Galo at 4 yrs.old.)

12th- (FAMILY TREE showing relatives on both Bonoan and Lagazon side reaching up to 5 generations. The Lagazon side only goes up to Galo's greatgrandparents, while the Bonoan side goes up to Galo's great-greatgrandparents.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fabulously Older (2nd Webster's Pages)

I once thought that growing older meant working on keeping one's youth and fighting the ravages of time. There was a time I would go on crash diets (and later on, binge), literally live in the gym for aero classes, and be so fixated about my weight. In the last few years, esp. after Galo's birth, I saw that it was no longer easy to get back to my previous size, that it was an uphill battle to stop the white hair, the wrinkles and the age spots and freckles. I felt ugly at first, taking consolation on being gifted with a handsome son, making breastfeeding and the pregnancy weight as excuses for me not to take care of myself. However, now that he is older, I have no choice but to face up to the fact that I am indeed getting older. In the last few months, I have been making an effort to lose the weight and get healthy again through aerobic exercise. I saw the changes and how they made me feel inside and out. This time though, I am no longer doing it purely because of ego. I feel the need to keep myself fit and healthy for my son. I'd like to be still up and about when he grows up to be an adult. ---Of course, the side effects, such as the loose waist bands, are very much welcome!

Journal: I felt the changes happening: first, the white hair, then the wrinkles around the eyes. In the beginning, I was afraid of it. I even tried to fight it. Lately, I welcome it. I figured that this is what makes me, me. Would I have it any other way? NO. I don’t want to change who I have become. I am fabulously getting older.

Not a Bed of Roses

This is a tribute to the relationship my hubby and I have. We're currently on our 12th year and things aren't always smooth sailing. Nevertheless, we continue to strive to work on our "partnership," especially now that we are no longer just a couple, but a family.

I used all DCWV papers of different colored roses, from red, to yellow to black and white. For the photos, I used different Foto-Me shots we had every year on our anniversary. It showed the physical changes we went through all these years.

Journal reads: Twelve years ago, we became husband and wife. We enjoyed the time we spent together, discovering new things about each other, coming together to plan our home and our lives. Still, life was never a bed of roses. We had our ups and downs. In those times when we argued about little things, we often lost sight of what was really important. Each day continues to be a struggle to keep the relationship alive and strong. Each day, we see each other’s faults, as well as each other’s strengths. Each day, we commit ourselves to remembering vows we made to each other a long time ago. At the end of the day, we sleep in the bed we make everyday, never one made of roses.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Easter

This is Galo's first easter egg hunt when he was only a year old. Since Galo and his cousin didn't know how to hunt, we placed all the eggs in front of them. We excited parents just wanted them to have their first taste of opening the eggs and finding something inside. And since they also couldn't eat candies, we only had Jelly Ace inside. That was enough to make Galo happy. Journal was written on two of the eggs which were inserted into "pockets."

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scrapbukan GDT LO - No Regrets

This last GDT wedding LO is entitled No Regrets. Hidden journal is revealed when the flower is pulled out. The journal speaks for itself.

Journal: Months of wedding preparations ensued prior to the big day. Arn and I made all of these plans and executed all of the details. The night before the wedding, we were still busy making the seating arrangements. Through it all, we had our disagreements, arguments and “tampuhan” as expected in planning for this milestone. I admit that there were times when I would feel so bad, I felt unsure about my reasons for getting married to Arn.

Yet, on August 3, 1995, as soon as my dad led me to the altar to meet my husband-to-be, all my anxieties, nervousness and fears disappeared. I heard my family and friends clapping and shouting for joy, so that while daddy was shaking hands with Arn, I looked back at my loved ones. And I felt no regret. All the trouble was worth it. I am happy to be Mrs. Lagazon.

Scrapbukan GDT LO - To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold features the actual photo of the exchange of rings. Since I wanted this LO to focus on this simple act, I wanted to have a photo that was really big. Instead of printing on photo paper, I printed it on transparency to give it more of a semblance of dimension. The background paper is a cream textured cardstock. To make the cream have a textured tulle effect, I stamped mini-scrolls in different colors (peach, green, aqua, gold and silver all over), then used a white VersaCraft ink (the 1" small square ink pad) and directly stamped onto the pattern of scrolls. Prima flowers, olive ribbons made into leaves and a Maya Road chipboard scroll plus laces and ribbons complete the LO. The journal was very minimal.
Journal reads: Remember this moment. August 3, 1995. (and along the top) Devotion. Promise. Future. Kiss. Honeymoon.

Scrapbukan GDT LO - One Light, One Path

Instead of a photograph, I placed our wedding invitation as the ephemera. This invitation was designed for us by an artist-friend. He took a photograph of the actual candle souvenirs I was painstakingly making by hand. Flower was made using strips of paper pushed through a brad.

The journal reads: The candle’s flame is a small flicker of light, capable of illuminating a room. With this unity candle, may we light our new single path, so that we can go on in our journey through difficulties and triumphs, through sickness and health, through rich and poor, as husband and wife until death do us part.

Scrapbukan GDT LOs - Happily Ever After

When Sahrie sent in the package of scrapping materials, she didn't tell me what the theme was. I took the cue from the rub-ons she sent which was on weddings. Since it was the first time for me to scrap any wedding picture, I attacked this project with gusto. It was fortunate that it was still Christmas Vacation then. I ended up doing not just the required 3, but 4 LOs. In fact, I was so much into the wedding train of LOs, I ended up doing my Lasting Impression Challenge on my wedding as well. Then, I even had the gumption to start a mini-wedding album. Unfortunately, I lost steam to finish this. Will probably do so some other time.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER:Our story shows how God determines our destiny.
I met Arn when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore in college. We both joined the Ateneo Catechetical Instruction League (ACIL) at the same time. Because we saw each other at least twice a week, we became close. I grew up with 4 sisters, so I considered him a brother, someone I could tell my secrets to, even my crushes in school. But apparently, he felt differently. He wanted more. It was something I wasn’t ready for. He was my first suitor.

Eight years passed. We matured, struggled with our own careers and our own desires for companionship. Our paths crossed once more when I joined Confraternitas Jesu, a psycho-spiritual group that seeks to help us learn who we really are. Some of its members are friends from our college days. Arn and I rekindled our friendship, but we never talked about the past.

A few months later, in one of our weekly meetings, I was blindsided by the brilliance of Arn’s logic. We were talking about Confra’s constitution, and he alone saw something that everyone else did not. A week before our Holy Week Retreat, I confided to a friend about my new crush.

As God seemed to pre-ordain it, everything fell into place. This time, I courted him. I called him up, would visit him at work, and even made moves I wouldn’t have thought I could do. Even our Confra friends conspired to bring us together. This time, everything worked. It was meant to be. We were meant to live happily ever after. God said so. Cross my heart.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I won Studio Azul's Challenge! WOOOH!

I'm soo happy! I won the non-member's Studio Azul Challenge using Au's Sketch for Water Fountain! WOOOH! Didn't think I would since there were many, many LOs I think were even more striking than mine! But I won't say no to the prize! Haaaay, heaven. I love the RAK!!! Thanks, Mia and Tin! --- I am not worthy!!!--- Congratulations to all the ladies for their gorgeous LOs!