Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scrappin' Moms Idol3 Challenge4-6

I confess. I haven't been good at updating my blog in the last month or so. I've been busy with the Idol and with schoolwork, I've neglected posting my projects in Scrappin'Moms Idol 3. So, I'm just going to lump them all together here.Challenge 4's theme was Let's Play. We were supposed to play with the papers, as well as use any combination of teal, orange, and yellow. Since the colors were not eye-catching enough, I added maroon to it. I literally played with the papers by cutting the papers and arranging them in a fan-fold to make it appear more than they really are. I also made a paper flower as the main embellishment. Photos I used were of me playing with the paper.
Challenge 5's theme was a Mini-album based on a favorite book. I chose mine to be Berenstain Bears, a favorite children's series that my son and I read almost every night. I basically used chipboards to cut them into shapes and layered them to make the album appear like a scene. We were required to use at least 2 ATCs and these had to be incorporated into the album. I used 2 to make one vegetable and one flower patch, 2 ATCs to make the garage doors, and 1 stamped with text about Imagination. Each of the photos I used were based on one of the series titles of the Berenstain Bears. Hence, I also placed the titles of the book on each photograph (Too Much Junk Food, In the Dark, The Trouble with Pets, Too Much Vacation). I guess, I just had too much fun making the shaped album!Challenge 6 was the Disney Princess theme. I couldn't relate to the theme because I've never seen myself as a princess. Although I grew up in a relatively well-off family, we were never spoiled nor taught to take money for granted. I guess because my dad worked hard to make his fortune. Hence, I centered the LO on my being Reluctant as a princess. Over the years, my friends would jibe me, saying, "May pera si Papa!" It meant, I could spend much if I wanted to. They didn't know that my father is very careful with his money, because he was a banker, an investment banker at that. I guess that rubbed off on me as well. I tried my best to be as simple as possible, learning to take public transportation rides (often incurring the ire of the dad quite a lot!), dressing down, buying wisely, by getting cheaper versions of the "in" things. I sort of felt guilty having much, esp. when I see others struggle with money just for the basic necessities in life. I became detached from money and I learned to live my life as simple as I could. In the end, I realized that money isn't everything. I'd rather be who I want to be, than someone's idea of a spoiled little rich girl.
For this LO, I played with the Ranger Melting Pot. I dipped the flowers in melted beeswax, then into Barbara Trombley's Vintage Glass Glitter (Diamond), before attaching them into the LO. It made the flowers look sugary in appearance. I also did emboss resist, hence the stamped lace design on the bottom. I also painted white all over, then poured melted beeswax and sprinkled Beadazzles and vintage glass. I also tore the paper several times to reveal the Prima Journals I attached from the back.

All in all, I was proud of what I was able to finish in the Scrappin' Moms Idol3 Challenges. I won the 1st Week's Pick of the Week on Paper Piecing. I think I've also matured in my style from last year. I now know what I want and who I am in my LOs.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Prima Products!

Have you seen these new Prima products? My, oh my. Such luscious flowers, leaves, pearls and flower centers!!! I still haven't gotten hold of the old CHA items, and they come up with new ones for me to oggle at! To see these gorgeous items in use, check them out here.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Artz de Scrap Altered Toilet Paper Tubes into Saturn V Rocket

My son wanted me to make a rocket ever since he became fascinated with spaceships. Last summer, he was introduced to the Saturn V Rocket, after seeing a demonstration of the 3-stage rocket booster separation in a Singaporean Aerospace Museum. Given that Artz de Scrap's Guest Designer Timi Mercado challenged us to alter toilet paper rolls, I decided to give in to Galo's whim to make a Saturn V Rocket.

I used several toilet paper rolls, some smaller in girth. I simply unrolled the cardboard, rolled it to make it tighter and taped it well. After getting the desired height and basic shape, I covered the whole rocket with several layers of strips of toilet paper and white glue, like in paper mache. To make the fins and line definitions, I used different lengths of wooden toothpicks which I glued to the side of the rocket. I then covered them with layers of toilet paper and glue as well. I also made 8 small cones, painted them in black and glued them as fuel nozzles at the bottom of the rocket. Afterwards, I painted the whole rocket with gesso white, then painted the black designs, the US flag and words "USA" all over the rocket using acrylic paint and Whispers Strokes pens. Lastly, I made white checked designs on the body of the rocket using a white textured textile glue. For displaying, since it couldn't stand very well with the black nozzles glued at the bottom, I used a metal paper stake which I inserted in between the nozzles. This, I had to put away for safety when I gave the rocket to Galo.

Except for not being not scaled to size and not very straight, it still turned out quite well. My son couldn't wait to play with it!

Materials used: toilet paper rolls; toilet paper strips; toothpicks; Delta Ceramcoat Gesso; Semco acrylic paint black; Whispers Strokes Pens; Pebeo Touch Textile white.

Techniques used: paper mache; painting; drawing; doodling with puff glue.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Scrappin' Moms Idol3 Challenge3-Space It Out!

This is my 3rd Challenge entry for Scrappin' Moms Idol 3. This time, we were required to use at least 8 photos. In my case, I used 10 showing a sequence of Galo eating a sandwich. The funny thing is, Galo is in Krispy Kreme in Bonifacio High Street for a field trip. He made his own donut, only to take one lick and decide that he doesn't like donuts after all. He was the only child who didn't patronise the establishment!

Journal: You took one bite of the donut and realized that your ham sandwich was a better treat.

Do check out the gallery here for more cool LOs.

Materials: Bazzill cardstock in blue green and in greyish white; AC Thickers Sprinkles white; mm Tiny Alphabets white on black; Prima Say it in Crystals; Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Suede; AAS metal wire metallic green; Carolina's laces in grey and peach; Carolina's cloth flowers; Shoemart paper flowers; Kanlaon paper leaves; Pigma micron 03 black pen.