Saturday, December 27, 2008

Exciting DT Spot in the near future!

I just got news today. I was just chosen as one of the 3 new designers of a very popular website that specializes in altered work! WOOOOH!!! This is a first for me. I've so far done Guest Design Team Member stints, usually for just a month. This one is for 6 months, starting January 2009!!! WOW, what news to start the new year with! I'll be revealing the name of the site on the 1st of January as per instructions. Stay tuned!!! I'm SOOO excited to get the kits! --- Can life be anymore exciting?!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Christmas Balls as Gifts

I've been busy making my gift of glass christmas balls with the photos of individual family members. I've done about 15 families already. The work itself is fast and easy once I knew how to assemble it. However, gathering ID photos of everyone is the harder work. Friends and relatives had to be contacted again and again just to make them send me photos. Some, I was able to download from the Facebook (thank goodness for people posting photos there!), but others keep on promising, and still forgetting to send them via email. Oh well, everyone's busy.

However, last Christmas Eve, I witnessed my relatives opening their specially made boxes of the christmas balls. Everyone was ecstatic! I told them about my idea of transforming the christmas tree into a family tree. Despite the fact that most of my relatives only got 3-4 balls (based on number of family members), they still LOVED the idea. So I guess, it is all worth it. --- Now if I can just get the remaining relatives and friends to send their photos, I'd be done with this project!

Next year, I'm going to add more balls to each family, by asking them to send me photos of their parents and even grandparents. Then their Family Trees will also become Ancestral Trees as well.

I'm thinking of selling these balls next year. Don't know if there will be takers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Glass balls FOR SALE!

A number of my friends and scrap buddies have asked me where I got these glass Christmas Balls. I tried using clear glass lightbulbs, had it trimmed with the glassmaker, only to find out the lightbulb glass is so thin, it breaks even with heat.

I designed it and had it made in a glass blowing shop. Each ball has a diameter of 2" and a circumference of 6". It has an upper lip that has 2 holes for inserting a string or wire for hanging. It also has a wide opening with a diameter of 3/4", which was crucial for inserting photos). Since people have been asking, these balls can be bought at P395/6 pcs. By the way, these balls are heat-resistant and more sturdy than most glass balls in the market. I should know. I dropped one of them accidentally on a wooden floor and I was amazed that it didn't break nor chip at all! It just rolled off!

If anyone is interested, please buzz me or leave a message for me as to where I can get in touch with you. I'm ordering a few more to give away to my own parents, so I can add anyone's order as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My 1st time to host the Kaya Challenge!

This is the very first time I'm hosting the Pinoyscrapbookers' Kaya Challenge. Kaya Challenge #20 is actually the Christmas Challenge. My deep respect and connection to my ancestry has pushed me to include my ancestors into our christmas decor, specifically our christmas tree. Hence, in our house, our christmas tree is now also a Family Tree. The tree is no longer just a decor and a place for putting beautifully-wrapped gifts in. It is now a collection of memories, a sacred place for honoring our loved ones, as well as a great conversation piece for family and friends. What better way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive?

If you'd like to check out the challenge rules, the RAK, as well as the entries that will be displayed for this month, do head on to Good luck to everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS and MERRY DECORATING!!!

Ancestral Family Christmas Tree

I've been meaning to do this since last year. I couldn't find clear glass christmas balls, but was fortunate enough to know of a glassmaker who was able to do them for me.

Inside the glass balls, I placed individual photos of our family members, from our grandparents, to current living relatives. These photos were printed on transparencies. This gave the photos an ethereal touch. I also stamped green vines on the sides of the glass. Although not an original idea, since this came from a reader in a scrapbooking magazine, I decided to extend her idea into having individual photos of our ancestors as well. When these glass balls were placed on a tree, our christmas tree literally became a family tree. All 10 balls are all Galo's ancestors from both sides. I also added him, plus all of my family members, or as much of them as possible. Since I don't have complete photos yet, I intend to add on more of our current family into this tree.

Materials used: glass balls, StazOn olive green, wire ribbon with grapes design, misc. olive ribbon, christmas tree trimming of berries and leaves that were cut and reattached on the christmas ball and ribbon, AAS wires, magic wires for hanging.