Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Windows to Your Soul

This is a LO I made for Scrappin' Kids. The challenge is to choose a feature of your child to scrap. I chose Galo's eyes. To make the eyes as the focus, I printed the photo in both color and B&W, then cut them into 3 pieces and interchanged them. I also used Vintage Art Glitter Diamond Dust on the Thickers Platform Alphas. It's a simple LO but I wanted it to be dramatic so that the focus would be on the graphic photography.

Journal reads: Your eyes speak volumes. They widen with innocence, get teary when you are hurt, dance around when you tease and flirt. They are the windows to your soul.

Materials: Bazzill black cs, MME Magnolia 06, Thickers Platform, Carolina's ribbon, Barbara Trombley's Vintage Art Glitter 613 Diamond Dust Fine, TI Westminster Finery, DCWV Rub-Ons Flourish white, Inque Boutique Narrative Elements, Brilliance Moonlight White, Uniball Signo.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coveted Slippers

In A Peek into Yesterday, the week's challenge was to scrap a childhood keepsake. The only object I treasured and still possess is my pair of toe slippers. When I was a child, my only dream was to be a dancer. Mind you, not just part of the corps de ballet, nor just a prima ballerina, but to aim for prima ballerina assoluta, the highest level of professional dancing. Of course, this dream wasn't quite possible for many, many reasons. Suffice to say, although my heart was in it, there were many things going against it, such as wrong body type, structure of the foot, etc. The day I gave up my toe slippers, I felt a part of me died. And for the longest time, these worn out slippers were hung on my wall, reminding me of what could have been.

And yet, on hindsight, dreams such as these are transitory. They prepare us for other avenues, other dreams, other possibilities. The initial dream helps us to learn lessons in life that will make us better persons, better performers and not just dreamers. Dreams, although they may start lofty and high, help ground us for the reality of working for reachable goals. Dreams after all, made me who I am today.

Journal: As a child, I worked hard to earn my toe slippers. Years after the dream to dance ended, I kept my toe slippers to remind me that dreams die to give way to bigger dreams and challenges.

Materials: Daisyd's NO. 12, Bazzill black cs, Al French Twist Journaling Panel, Glitter Chipboard, Doodlebug sugarcoated beetle black hopscotch alphabet, misc. pink ribbon, Daisyd's Rub-On Wishes, FP Bella Brush Stamps, Brilliance Moonlight White, Tsukineko Walnut Ink, VersaCraft 182 Real Black

Friday, April 25, 2008

Upcoming ArtGlitter Feature!

This morning, another great news came my way. I was checking the PinoyScrappers Challenge blog when I read this note telling me that Barbara Trombley of www.artglitter.com wants to feature my work! And take this, she actually visited my blog! OH MY! I AM DEFINITELY NOT WORTHY!!!

Three strikes in a row! I must be doing something right! Problem is, I still don't know what it is!!! Lol.

Upcoming Maya Road Feature!

I got a text message and a YM from Jane of Rekindled Moments. She recently sponsored a Maya Road Challenge where I submitted My Little Book of Ancestors. She was asking permission from me to show this work because Lisa Pace of MR wants to feature it! Don't know where but I suppose in the Maya Road website! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I'M STILL NOT WORTHY!

Upcoming Memory Makers Magazine Feature!

Yesterday, I woke up to an email from Katie Hilbert asking for a supply list and the journal. Memory Makers Magazine wants to feature my LO "In My Secret Garden!" My goodness! It is such an honor! --- I don't know when they'll feature it but I am so happy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Galo, Age 4, on the day you decide to walk down that aisle

This KAYA Challenge of Lee was a very difficult one indeed. The LO didn't take long to do. It was the handwritten letter that took me a week to finish. There were days (and I was still on vacation then) when I'd intentionally stay away from it. I knew that once I sat down to work on it, the tears will flow. I'm glad I finished it though. This letter says everything I'd like to say.

Dearest Galo,

Today, you have decided to walk down that aisle. By the time you read this, I'll be at least 20, 30 or 40 years older. I may not even be there by this time. This is a consequence of marrying a bit older and having you even much later.

Don't get me wrong. Marrying late was our choice, specifically mine. I had to study and find myself in the world before I could commit to your dad for life. I was able to live and experience the life I wanted. I knew what I gave up so I didn't have any misgivings or doubts. I knew what I was ready for.

Having you late was something we didn't anticipate. We have given up hope when you made your presence felt. Because of the difficult pregnancy, I admit I was angry at God and even wished you away. Fortunately, God didn't listen to me at that time. The miracle of your birth changed all that. Again and again, we were reminded that you are our gift, our "regalo." And over the succeeding years, you have made our lives happy, and our family complete.

I am sure that the woman you chose is someone you truly love. My mom once said that a mother always feels that no one is good enough for her child. I often wondered about that if and when the time came. I would like to think that we would have taught you enough to be able to choose someone who deserves your love. Just promise me that you will cherish her like your dad cherished me.

If by this time, I do have the chance to meet her, I will welcome her with open arms and accept her like the daughter I never had.

I love you, my son, with all of my heart. It would be a privilege to see you walk down that aisle, should luck be on my side.

P.S. Should you decide to enter a religious community instead, you have our blessings as well. We know that God speaks in many ways. If you listen to His voice inside you, you will know what is right for you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Go Fish!

This is a LO for a Cosmo Cricket Challenge, using 3 pps, 1 journal card, and die-cut tags. I used the die-cut tags to make the fish, and the holes for the string were perfect to simulate fish caught in a line.

I had these series of photos which we just took a few weeks ago. We were fascinated with the fact that for about 10 minutes, Galo was absolutely quiet and concentrated on his game.

Journal reads: You remembered. When we ate at Fish & Co. once last August, the waitresses let you play a game. Eight months later, we ate at a different branch. As soon as we entered, you immediately asked for the game. All you wanted to do was GO FISH!

Four Corners of My World

This is a LO for A Peek Into Yesterday. The challenge asks for a street corner that has significance to us. The Four Corners of My World show the crossroads near my home. I'm not so good at taking photos but I decided to take up the challenge.

Visible handwritten journal reads: This is where I live and work. TO avoid traffic, I pass through this village. A tricycle is available all the time. An empty lot and an occasional fruit stand can be seen.

Underneath the photos is the hidden journal which reads: Loyola Heights is the perfect place for me and my family for 10 years now. We live near 4 corners, a crossroad of sorts leading to many exciting old and new destinations. There are many directions I can take to explore my world but...at the end of the day, I come back to where I started---my home, my four corners.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Red Roses

This wedding was resplendent in red roses. The photograph shows the couple right after they walked down the aisle from the altar after the ceremony. Apparently, no one prepared to shower them with flowers so we had to crush some red roses from the vases lining the aisle and shared these with the guests who stayed behind to congratulate the couple. These gorgeous rose petals were thrown at them for good luck.

To simulate the roses, I used a Stampin'Up Rose Stamps Set on plain red cardstock and highlighted these with glaze pens and gold embossing powder. I decided to leave a hidden blank white journal card for my friends to supply their sentiments for that day.

Wedding Invitations with Dried Flowers

I did this very simple LO on my friend's wedding this afternoon. I used actual dried roses from her wedding last week. I was able to use my Microfleur kit to dry the rosebuds using the microwave oven. This was my first time to use the Microfleur although I've had it for some time now. I'm glad how it turned out since the color of the rosebuds are closer to the original than if it was naturally pressed between old telephone directories.

Unfortunately, the imprint on the white square ceramic tile on the bottom left is hardly seen. The imprint has the couples' names.

The other wedding invitation below is that of my sister's. I had this extra invitation which just screamed to me to be embellished with dried flowers and leaves. This was something I started a long time ago but didn't finish until today. A friend is urging me to offer my services for weddings, both for the invitations and for scrapbooking photos. These will be part of my portfolio. Here's keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Joined in Time

For A Peek Into Yesterday's Becky Fleck's Pagemaps, Sketch Map#1, I made this LO of Galo and myself, about how a mother's connection to her child is strong and grows stronger in time.

The visible journal is a poem from George Eliot for ATB Passion. It reads: What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other...to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable MEMORIES.

Underneath the poem is the hidden journal which says: I've been waiting for you for so long, that when you finally did arrive, I could hardly believe it. The bond I felt with you was so strong, it was overwhelming. Yet, I now feel connected to you a million times more since then. Over the years, you made me your mother, and I made you my son. We are joined together. Time will only make our bond stronger.


I just finished a LO for A Peek Into Yesterday based on Becky Fleck's PageMaps, Sketch Map #2.

Visible journal is a poem of Mignon McLaughlin. It reads: In the arithmetic of Love, one plus one equals EVERYTHING, and two minus one equals NOTHING.

Underneath the poem is a hidden journal that reads: When I placed photos on the 3 picture frames of the family, you played with them like they were toys. Since the frames connect with magnets at the hands, it was but fitting that they should stand together. Together, they spell a family, divided they are nothing. Just like the photo frames, we are a family and that means everything in this world.

Cards for the Graduates and for the Carmelites

Scrapbytes (Mar'08 issue) asked me to make 3 cards for the Graduates. Truth is I had a little difficulty making cards because of the size. Of course, it was the perfect opportunity to use my accumulated paper scraps. These cards were donated to the Carmelite Nuns of Tarlac, a contemplative religious group, for their solicitations.

Yesterday, we visited these nuns, for whom we had the March 8 Fundraiser, to turn over the amount we raised for their chapel. We also accumulated 200+ handmade cards from our fellow scrappers fot them. The nuns were so impressed by the cards, they asked us, Lee, Jenn and I, to teach them how to make them! After seeing my friend Lee's album, they also wanted us to teach them how to do scrapbook LOs! The nun's child-like demeanor endeared them to us which was why we just couldn't say no. This means, my friends and I have to visit them again some other time to share with them what we know as well as some scrapbooking materials we can gather for them.


My friend recently had his birthday and I couldn't figure out what to give him. I decided to ask for a photograph which I can scrap. Fortunately, I still have an extra shadowbox for this LO. Journal is hidden. To protect his privacy, I can't reveal the journal.

This is just my 2nd time to make a LO for someone else. Doing the LO isn't difficult, but making the journal is. I realized that I've taken for granted that the journal is a personal insight on a particular photo, a sentiment felt during that time. I realized that I couldn't write the journal for someone else, that I couldn't even just leave the journal blank for that someone to fill in the words. I suppose, I've always felt that a photo without the right journal is just a photo. However, a photo with a journal captures moments unlike any other.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Belated Wedding Gift for a Friend

Before I got into scrapbooking, I used to make LOs of friends' wedding invitations. In this case, I used dried flowers and leaves to decorate the invitation which I framed in ready-made wooden frames. Several people have egged me to make this a business of mine but I never got around to doing it. Since I am offering my services now for wedding scrapbook LOs, I was thinking of doing the same for the wedding invitations. Often, I try to use flowers from the wedding itself, if possible.

I Thee Wed

The photo of our exchange of rings is a smaller copy printed on transparency. Since I didn't get to use it before, I decided to use it for my friend's wedding venue as a sample for wedding LOs that I am going to offer as a service.

I used a cream cardstock and used my new Stampin' Up En Francais stamp in burgundy. Journal reads: August 3, 1995. On this day, we exchanged rings and... I thee wed.