Friday, June 6, 2008

WW2 Love Letters For Publication

On a whim, I sent in my most favorite LO called WW2 Love Letters to Sommerset Magazine (formerly Legacy). I never knew about the publication until I won 1 year's subscription from Bookoto in last year's September local Scrapfest. Today, I received news that the lay-out will be published in their Feb/March 2009 issue!!! Jana Holstein said it was so appropriate for Valentine's Day!!!

WW2 Love Letters is a tribute to my grandparents whose very action of letter writing made their love story immortal to me and my family, now on print. Thank God for my grandmother who kept these letters, and for my dad who, when I was still a young child, proudly showed us these historical documents. Their steadfast belief in preserving this part of my grandparents' lives has made me appreciate my ancestry a hundredfold.

Being published is MY ultimate scrapping dream. It is a verification of what I have been telling myself all throughout my scrapbooking journey. Scrapbooking belongs and should be recognized as part of Fine Arts. Our gorgeous, distinctive, captivating scrapbooking lay-outs, I feel, belong to art galleries for everyone to appreciate. In my case, it is my attempt to meld art and culture with history. Fortunately for this one, I have succeeded.


Jeff & Pia said...

Wow Candy! This is such great news!!! Congrats! I'm so proud of you!!!


Gaye said...

Congratulations Candy!!! You truly deserved this sa ganda ng mga layouts mo. =)

Benga said...

wow congrats candy! well deserved tlga, it's about time! I second the motion bjay's comment na iilan lang ang nakakascrap na gaya ng style mo, more to come! trully scrapbooking is a work of art!

Alby said...

Great news Candy. And Somerset, in my opinion, perfectly fits yoru style and theme. Galing!

Lee i. said...

woohoo. way to go, candy. nakita ko nung binubuo mo pa ang LO na yan, and next year, sa somerset ko na siya makikita. galing!!!