Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My ADS Tutorial is out!

I just found out that my tutorial is finally out. I made a tutorial for the mailboxes shown above. If you'd like to see how it's done, please head on to this site.

I'm so glad that the DTs did get to make their own version since everyone came up with such overwhelmingly GORGEOUS takes! Do check out their versions by scrolling down here. I swear, their takes really show the abundance of talent in the group. I'm hoping that others, esp. fellow Filipino scrappers, do take the chance and apply for DTs. Actually, I'm toying with reapplying but I'm just not sure if I have the time yet. I still have the next few days to think about it and to come up with a project to submit.


janis said...

(takes out a whip)
don't think about it, cands - - APPLY!!!

you have such amazing talent and you do a great job of inspiring us all. ;o)


bjay said...

galing, cands! :)

Liza said...

love it candy! thanks for sharing that wonderful tutorial. i have some of those boxes lying around the house. hehehe!

Nita Ang said...

One thing I can say about you, Candy... kahit kelan napaka-true sa personality mo lahat ng creations mo. Kitang-kita ang signature mo in every piece you make and I must say, they are all gorgeous! (may buntong-hininga pa yun sa ganda)

Artz de Scrap was pretty lucky to have you join their roster of talents :)

Lee i. said...

wow vintage mailbox. nice...artzdescrap was truly lucky to have you as guest DT and if they were smart, they'll keep you on. :-) imagine the inspiration you could continue to provide others.

Ria Maningat-Mojica said...

Ay exag na naman 'to sa grabe! Di ko maisip kung paano umpisahan ang project na ganito...bow talaga ako sa powers mong kakaiba!

jonaks said...

wow!!! so beautiful!!!

mye said...

wow, candy...i can't take my eyes off your blog after seeing your creations! gorgeous!

i hope to learn more from you...i joined the SA event on july 11 ^_^

MyLittleTeapot said...

WOW this is brilliant Ms. Candy! You are really talented and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this