Sunday, August 16, 2009

Artz de Scrap Altered Toilet Paper Tubes into Saturn V Rocket

My son wanted me to make a rocket ever since he became fascinated with spaceships. Last summer, he was introduced to the Saturn V Rocket, after seeing a demonstration of the 3-stage rocket booster separation in a Singaporean Aerospace Museum. Given that Artz de Scrap's Guest Designer Timi Mercado challenged us to alter toilet paper rolls, I decided to give in to Galo's whim to make a Saturn V Rocket.

I used several toilet paper rolls, some smaller in girth. I simply unrolled the cardboard, rolled it to make it tighter and taped it well. After getting the desired height and basic shape, I covered the whole rocket with several layers of strips of toilet paper and white glue, like in paper mache. To make the fins and line definitions, I used different lengths of wooden toothpicks which I glued to the side of the rocket. I then covered them with layers of toilet paper and glue as well. I also made 8 small cones, painted them in black and glued them as fuel nozzles at the bottom of the rocket. Afterwards, I painted the whole rocket with gesso white, then painted the black designs, the US flag and words "USA" all over the rocket using acrylic paint and Whispers Strokes pens. Lastly, I made white checked designs on the body of the rocket using a white textured textile glue. For displaying, since it couldn't stand very well with the black nozzles glued at the bottom, I used a metal paper stake which I inserted in between the nozzles. This, I had to put away for safety when I gave the rocket to Galo.

Except for not being not scaled to size and not very straight, it still turned out quite well. My son couldn't wait to play with it!

Materials used: toilet paper rolls; toilet paper strips; toothpicks; Delta Ceramcoat Gesso; Semco acrylic paint black; Whispers Strokes Pens; Pebeo Touch Textile white.

Techniques used: paper mache; painting; drawing; doodling with puff glue.

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