Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sneak Peek Artz de Scrap November Tutorial

Here is goes, ladies! I'm sponsoring the November Tutorial this month of November. I think just with the sneak peak, you'd be able to guess what it is. I've been asked before to make a tutorial of this one. I tweaked it a little but I hope you'd try it out. Do wait for the reveal in the Artz de Scrap blog here. This would be a perfect gift for Christmas! Do check it out and I challenge all creative ladies to give it a try!


Donna E. said...

awww parang gusto ko rin gumawa nya! hehehe looks like another gorgeous creation, kapatid!

Anonymous said...

I can see earrings! parang nai-imagine ko na :) inspiring na naman ito.


jonaks said...

OMG!!! another stunning carousel to see. where do you get your horses?

sHerLy said...

this one will surely look nice =)

rachel67 said...

hello i'm from france and y can't talk correctly english but i want to say you thank you
i've made you're manége and her is beautifull
thank you very much