Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prima Beauties!

Look at all of these gorgeous Prima baubles!!! Prima is one of two sites I am totally addicted to (the other being Tim Holtz' website). I can't resist salivating over their gorgeous flowers, laces, papers, swirls, and now canvas aprons, camera totes and more! Until I got hooked on Prima, I didn't even realize that I'm a hopeless romantic, albiet a vintage one. Even when I'm quite busy, I still need to take a short peek.

Just now, I saw that Prima is inviting everyone to post their new products on their respective blogs. Of course, because of my weakness for all things Prima, I just have to give a go at it. It's definitely a long shot with so many Prima admirers, but what do I have to lose? I think I have everything to gain. If I don't win, well...I'll just have to wait until my fav LSS gets me these baubles. It may cost me, but not having these baubles will cost my soul more.

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Liezl said...

thanks to Prima - nag post ka bigla! hehehe I was here a couple of days ago, kse miss na kita and honestly lungkot ako dahil tagal na wala new post. Glad to "see" you again!