Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SNR Publication of 4 LOs!

I just received word that Scrapbooking News and Reviews will publish 4 of my LOs! These are:

In My Secret Garden
Sisters Act (Perfect)
Beautiful Belles
1930 Milestones

What an honor! I sent in 5 for consideration just last week and only 1 didn't make it. All 4 LOs will be featured in the Sept. 15 issue. They even gave me a sign to put up in my blog!


scrapgurl said...

Congrats Candy! Wow 4 out of 5, not bad! =)

Mia Castrillo said...

Congrats Candy! you are one talented girl! :-) Love love your layouts!

Benga said...

congratulations Candy!!!

ScRap CiRcLe said...

Wow congrats Candy, I's so happy for you. But its no surprise kasi galing naman talaga mga gawa mo.

Caryl Faith

jonaks said...

congrats x4!!!