Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My 1st time to host the Kaya Challenge!

This is the very first time I'm hosting the Pinoyscrapbookers' Kaya Challenge. Kaya Challenge #20 is actually the Christmas Challenge. My deep respect and connection to my ancestry has pushed me to include my ancestors into our christmas decor, specifically our christmas tree. Hence, in our house, our christmas tree is now also a Family Tree. The tree is no longer just a decor and a place for putting beautifully-wrapped gifts in. It is now a collection of memories, a sacred place for honoring our loved ones, as well as a great conversation piece for family and friends. What better way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive?

If you'd like to check out the challenge rules, the RAK, as well as the entries that will be displayed for this month, do head on to http://www.pinoyscrapbookers.blogspot.com/ Good luck to everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS and MERRY DECORATING!!!

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