Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post-Easter Altered Eggs

I recently altered some real egg shells. I wanted to make my own Faberge' Eggs ever since I've seen one on tv when I was a child. By taking out the yolk and albumin, and using only the complete egg shell, I made my own egg art. Friends who saw these eggs, all of them scrappers, have been encouraging me to send them to a magazine for publishing. (Because I'm going to submit it for publication, I can't have the photos up yet. My apologies!) A few have asked me to make a demonstration as well. I'm hoping that the eggs do get accepted for publishing because they really are too pretty not to be shared. If possible, I'd like to write a "How To..." article even. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Gracie Ann Tan said...

I saw the eggs you previously posted and I'm really amazed. I wish you luck with the publication.

Benga said...

goodluck Candy!

Arlyn Buenaventura - Abadiano said...

hi candy, i've seen those eggs before and they really are outstanding! good luck!