Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Altered Book Bag

Here's a thought. How can you use a book as a bag? Simple. Glue the sides, put straps and decorate.

I originally thought, "No way am I going to destroy a book!" It so happened that Artz de Scrap posed their July Challenge which is to alter a story book. I knew Galo is very territorial when it comes to his books so there's no way I can filch one out of his book shelf. I was contemplating on buying a second-hand book because I wanted to make it into a bag. Fortunately, I saw one book I took out from Galo's reading materials because I wasn't happy with the storyline nor with the moral of the story. It was "Eloise Makes Breakfast."

I covered the outer corners of the book with a Webster's Pages Magical Wishes Sticker, carefully cutting it so it only covered the areas I needed. Next, I painted the middle with Pebbles Olive Green, then embellished the rest of the cover with more stickers and pp flowers from Magical Wishes Line. I finished it off with Prima Hydrangea flowers, Tinkering Ink felt stickers for a latch, Maya Road metal flower hinges and a length of Carolina's metal chain, cut in half, for the handles.

At this time, I still couldn't make myself completely destroy the book so I decided that when I'm ready, I'll just stick the edges of the book to make pockets. As it is, it can only house a hankie at best. Still, once stuck together, one can also stuff a few papers, maybe even paper money inside it. Chances are, it will be a little girl who'll like to carry the book as a bag, just like mommy!

Do check out the new Artz de Scrap Team's takes on this project here.


bjay said...

this is so nice, cands! great idea if you're in the mood to devour the book non-stop :)

thanks for sharing!

janis said...

yup, very creative. di ko nga naisip na pwede pala yung ganito. thanks for the inspiration candy!

Lee i. said...

Yup, I agree with you, Eloise can be so bratty sometimes. I think this one you put to better use by making into a wonderful book bag. At least, may silbi siya di ba? Hahaha.

Lil said...

Hay, naku! No way na makagawa ako ng ganito...bow ako sa talent mo!

Candy said...

Naku, salamat, ladies! I still think all of you can do alterations. Do join the challenge at Artz de Scrap because it really is fun to see things differently!