Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mock Birthday Scowl

Galo turned 4, so of course, we had to take pictures in his birthday celebration in school. But instead of a happy face, we caught a scowl. The photo just screamed to be made into a LO. I used BG Mellow papers for this, and painted over the corner of the picture to cover my sleeve which was accidentally caught on the photo.

Hidden Journal: During his 4th birthday in school, Galo ate his cake like everyone else, while his dad took pictures of him and his classmates. When Galo noticed his dad focusing on him, he suddenly made a "mock scowl" to show displeasure for being photographed. It was a "mock" scowl because in the next second, he was smiling. It seemed like he just wanted to have that look for the photograph. I suppose, for him, "SMILE" is not something he likes to do in front of the camera. he'd rather SCOWL on his birthday.

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