Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Scrap Attack ( and I'm stuck)

After a month of frenetic scrapping and coming up with 8 LOs and 1 altered project (and 1 unfinished mini-wedding album), I seemed to have gotten tired or uninspired. My last project was finished last weekend, and for the life of me, I can't seem to work on the Studio Azul Challenge, nor make another Webster's Page entry, nor finish the mini-wedding album. It's like I'm just waiting for the month to end. And end it will today.

I'm posting my Love Elsie Zoe Collection LO on my Scrapbook Plan entry for Visual Creations here.Although this isn't my typical style, I did have fun painting on the white background of the Zoe paper, but that took a while to do. I wanted to experiment with simple and visually-arresting LOs. I was happy with it at first, but now, I'm not too sure.

Mia, a scrapping friend, pointed out that my style is vintage. When she said that, I actually said "yes" inside, agreeing with her wholeheartedly. I suppose, I am an old soul, looking for a creative outlet in things that look, appear or feel old. No wonder.

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Benga said...

Totally out of the box! very creative as ever, winner ka tlga sa creativity, galing mo magpaint. I love elsie and you rock the challenge!