Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scrappin' Moms Idol2 is Cookie!

Yesterday was really a blast! Our Philippine Scrapbooking Community had its 2nd Scrappin' Moms Idol Finale. This honor was bestowed on our friend, Cookie Aguilar! This comes not as a surprise to us because of her ability to come up with spectacular cutting edge designs. And not only is she recognised by her peers here, she is also recognized by international scrapbooking websites, as well as by Chatterbox as a manufacturer's Design Team Member!

Runners up were Donna Espiritu and Issa Lucido, both very well respected scrapbookers with unique talents of their own. Both are also blazing trails in the international scene.

The Final 10, including myself, is a merry bunch of talented scrappers. We each have our own style and it is quite amazing how much talent and ingenuity everyone has.

I myself didn't fare too well. I was harassed (because of a school Open House Seminar I had to conduct) so I came in late. I was actually more harassed because of the lateness, rather than the challenge. I'm cranky and inconsolable when arriving at anything late, whether it's a play, a party, or even mass. I knew that this was a possibility but I just had to make do with the circumstances.

I am really comfortable with my vintage style and wouldn't trade it for the world. Nevertheless, I let myself be swayed to go for a "brighter"-colored lay-out. Unfortunately, since this really isn't my element, I should have known to just trust my own instincts. The result was ok, but not one of my best. In fact, I was downright embarassed at what I was able to come up with. Truth is, I had difficulty with the patterned papers given. Since we had to use all of them, plus all of the elements inside the package, I spent the better hour just making my octagonally shaped stop sign LO. Hence, when the top 3 winners were announced, I was not surprised. They really deserved the accolade. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to console myself by doing my scrapshopping because of a long brownout. I couldn't see what I wanted to buy!

When I got home however, a package was waiting for me. (See earlier post.) This certainly perked me up!


Gracie said...

Candy there's actually nothing to be ashamed of with your SM Idol entry. Teena and I were actually talking about how we liked the concept of your LO. We might even scraplift it! Hehe. It was a cool concept ( the stop sign) we were already talking about ideas of what theme we can scrap with it. Sayang nga lang we didn't get to chat with you coz everyone in the top 10 were busy doing their LOs. Hopefully next time. And congrats for the DT stint. That alone is one big accomplishment already! It really suites your vintage style which I do admire a lot. Keep up the good work! Job well done! :)

the dreamer said...

Hi, Candy! So sorry to hear you weren't at your scrapping best at the Idols but I bet your layout was still amazing as you always come up with the most spectacular creations! I guess when it boils down to it, it's always our own high standards that's hard to reach.

But I do understand the feeling of being under pressure to create something you're not used to. If, to begin with, hindi mo na talaga feel yung papers that were provided, talagang mahirap to create something you feel confident of.

Just think of it this way, each challenge has a certain set of rules and parameters. And if you truly know your style, which I'm sure you do, you just know if a challenge will work for you or against you.

Do cheer up with the awesome kit I see above this post! =)


Lee i. said...

candy, you are my idol through and through. i agree with gracie, your final entry was not yur usual style, but it really rocked. it's a very smart LO, and fit your photos perfectly.