Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scrappin' Moms Idol Entry Week 6- Why do you want to be the next Scrappin' Moms Idol?

This was, I believe, the most challenging week. Only 6 elements could be used and I wasn't quite sure if I was doing things correctly because of the very strict requirements.

I ended up with an upside down cropped picture of myself and just made fun of my white hair. Since I saw myself literally have more white hair each day, I decided that this was one reason I want to become the next Idol.

Journal: I would like to be the next Scrappin' Moms Idol because I am getting too old for thi. Everyday this year, I find more white hair. So before all my hair turns white, I'd like to win. I don't think anyone would want a Scrappin' Lola for an idol!!!

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Amy Sutter said...

thank you for entering the giveaway on Aged Vintage Papier! I love your website...
Amy Sutter