Friday, November 14, 2008

Luscious Kits + ephemera = One-of-a-kind memories!

I've ever subscribed to scrapbooking kits until recently. I saw the value of the kit and compared it to how much I would spend if I bought the items individually. When I saw that the kit is ALWAYS of better value, I went ahead and enrolled myself in the local kit club.

NOW, Gauche Alchemy's Kit is something else. I've seen it first hand. The kit is really different. It had the usual papers and alphas, of course, but it also had something else that I didn't see in other kits: PERSONALITY. To me, the extra ephemera is what makes a LO or project different. I see everything as possible art. This means that whatever I do, the little things I place into it must mean something.

What are those little things? Aside from magazine cut-outs, and images that are preprinted, there are the sprockets, gears, crystals and one-of-a-kind cufflink. In fact, just by receiving this kit for the GDT in October, it opened me to all sorts of possibilities that I've never even thought was possible! For my friends out there looking for a really worthwhile kit to have, this is it. Head over to the You'll thank me for it.

Oh by the way, I still haven't used everything in the kit. There's quite a lot, I still have to figure out how to best use them!


Amy Wing said...

Thanks so much for this review, Candy. We do work hard to offer unique kits that will spark creativity, and it sounds like we're meeting that goal! I'm also so happy that you've recognized the value - you'll have a good stash of stuff to pull from for quite a while. We loved having you design for us! Thanks so much for your wonderful projects - they've gotten a lot admiration on our blog.

sarah said...

i'll have to check this kit out! :)