Saturday, November 29, 2008

Parol 101: How to build a lightbulb for the lantern

Supplies Needed: plug adaptor, lightbulb, plug, at least 1 ft-any length of plastic coated electrical wire (2-wire, can be easily split in the middle of the plastic coating)

1. Cut through the middle of the length of the wire for about 1" on both ends. Make sure that the cut is only on the plastic part and that no wire is exposed during the cut. (WARNING: Exposed wires can cause electrocution!) If wire is exposed, cut through the middle more and cut off the parts that were exposed.

2. Then, carefully cut around each group of the copper wire, making sure that the cut is only up to the plastic part, not the copper wires. This is important since if many of the copper wires are cut, then electricity will only be able to flow through fewer wires. Then, using your fingers, pull the cut-off plastic part, and twist the exposed copper wires to make them into neat ends. This will make it easier to use as well. Do this to both ends, then set aside.

3. Unscrew the 2 screws underneath the lamp base. Twist the exposed wires around the screws and screw them down. Take your time in doing this. No copper wire should stick out from the screws. The neater this is done, the safer the wiring.

4. Take the plug and unscrew the casing. Open the plug, attach the remaining ends of the wire (by twisting and screwing the wires) to the 2 metal prongs of the plug. Close the plug.

5. Screw in the light bulb and plug to check. For safety, you can wear silpat gloves or any rubber when plugging. If it lights, then it's good to go inside the parol.

6. Insert the lightbulb in one of the corners of the parol. The wiring comes out at one of the sides. Use masking tape to keep it from moving inside. When covering the parol with cloth or paper, don't completely glue in the cover on the side where the wire comes out. I suggest a flap that opens and closes so that you can always replace the lightbulb later should it go out.

BIG TIP: Cloth is a good covering material because light shines through. If using paper, it's good to have it perforated or have a design that is cut through so light can pass. Another is to just keep the sides of the parol uncovered so light shines around the star instead.

WARNING: Don't leave the parol unattended when on. Always take it out of the electrical socket when no one is around as a safety measure.

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Ria Maningat-Mojica said...

Ay ang tindi! May Electrical Engineering 101 pa!