Thursday, November 27, 2008

Visual Creations November GDT Project # 1 - 3D Family Tree

I did two projects for Visual Creations for November. To see them, plus Cabbie Lopez's great work in the Visual Creations' Gallery, go to

The first is a small family tree that I've always wanted to make. I used the Cosmo Cricket Botanico Album Kit, but only the front and back covers. Since the inside of both covers didn't have the tree design, I scanned the tree on the front cover twice, cut them out (it was so meticulous, I almost gave up in cutting small scrolls in the leaf tree design!), then pasted them on the blank sides.

Next, I made a cut a straight line from the top of the tree to way past the middle of 1 of the boards. Then I made a similar cut from the bottom of the other tree to way past the middle of the 2nd board. Then, like a paper doll, I inserted them into each other. Waaalaaah!!! Instant stand alone tree!

To make the family tree, I assigned 1 family per quarter of the tree: one for my hubby, son and myself; another for Galo's ancestors from my side, including both my parents and their parents; another for his ancestors from hubby's side, again including his parents and their grandparents; and lastly, one quarter for writing the title Bonoan-Lagazon Family Tree.

Since the tree is small, the best I could do was to rubon letters to form the names of all of Galo's ancestors. These make up 4 generations.

To finish it off, I added flowerettes and a few chipboards from the Botanico Album Kit, then rubbed walnut ink around it.

Materials: Cosmo Cricket Botanico Album Kit (chipboard covers only), Carolina's lace ribbon cut into small flowerettes, misc. olive green ribbon, KI Memories RubOns Ice & Silver, Tsukineo Walnut Ink.

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