Saturday, November 10, 2007

Breastfeeding Connection

Last September, Scrappin' Moms had a sketch challenge. This was my first time to do a sketch. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one since I liked cutting through 3 different layers of papers to get a color I wanted using a cutting knife.

The story behind breastfeeding was something I really had to make as a lay-out because it was something that I fought for really hard to prove to everyone that it can be done. I cried making this journal when I remembered all that struggle.

Hidden Journal: I thought it would be easy. What could be more natural than to breastfeed you?

Since I wasn't allowed to travel, Daddy sneaked me into the hospital so I could spend a few minutes with your every other day. Sometimes, I was successful in feeding you, but more often, not. That first instance we were successful, you looked at me, as if you could see me. We connected and it felt right. Daddy took a picture of us to remind us of that special time. Since then, I knew I will have to fight for this right to feed you.

When we brought you home, we couldn't seem to do it again. Many close to me advised me to give it up. I cried and you cried. Bottle-feeding for 6 weeks in the hospital made you not want to work for my milk. On a friends advice, I strengthened my resolve and dropped the bottle entirely. It was your third month, and we struggled and both cried day and night for 3 whole days. We stayed in the living room so Daddy couldn't see and hear you cry from hunger and frustration. On the third night, you finally got it. WE finally got it. We connected once again. And you didn't seem to want to let go.

We kept this connection for 3 more years. And when it was finally over, we both can say, it was all worth it. This bond that we shared, we continue to keep in our hearts.


lifephotos said...

Candy, I can totally relate with you. Being a first-time mom, I thought I would never be successful at breastfeeding my son. But I was determined to make it. Now with 3 kids all completely breast-fed, I'm really glad I did it for them.

Au Lim said...

Oh my gosh Candy! The more I know you, the more I like you...a lot! I am still breast feeding my last child, he will be 3 in January. I feel a little weird to still be weaning at this time but I am simply following my instincts. Reading your journal made me feel good that I am not alone. I too had a difficult time starting (most moms probably do) My problem was cracked nipples and I had to fight myself from giving up too early.

Your story is an inspiration not only to "old" moms like me but to new ones as well. I always tell everyone about BF and I will include your story in my "kwentos" now.

Thanks for sharing and on top of it all, this is a very lovely LO. I love stitching on paper and your stitching is so unusual! I'm sooo impressed! Galing!

Roxannee said...

This lay out just proved how patient a Mom could be...hindi lang sa story kundi the process you've done in this lay out! i am still breastfeeding my baby, and i could really connect with you in this. Amazing.