Monday, November 5, 2007


Lifeguard was made for the KAYA 6 Challenge of PinoyScrapbookers. The theme centered on the idea that having been shipwrecked and marooned on an island, I find only my luggage of photographs, cardstock (no patterned papers) and a pair of scissors, crayons, watercolor paints, regular markers, glue, etc. I decided to ditch the scissors, pretending it turned rusty, and ended up doing paper tearing for everything. Since being marooned in an island, I figured that having an LO of my son saving me would keep me sane. Besides, it was the perfect excuse for that series of beach pictures I took of Galo in Punta Fuego this summer.

Hidden Journal: If I were stranded on an island, I'd like you to come and find me. You will be my inspiration, my hope, my dream. My lifeguard, guarding my life.

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