Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fabulously Older (2nd Webster's Pages)

I once thought that growing older meant working on keeping one's youth and fighting the ravages of time. There was a time I would go on crash diets (and later on, binge), literally live in the gym for aero classes, and be so fixated about my weight. In the last few years, esp. after Galo's birth, I saw that it was no longer easy to get back to my previous size, that it was an uphill battle to stop the white hair, the wrinkles and the age spots and freckles. I felt ugly at first, taking consolation on being gifted with a handsome son, making breastfeeding and the pregnancy weight as excuses for me not to take care of myself. However, now that he is older, I have no choice but to face up to the fact that I am indeed getting older. In the last few months, I have been making an effort to lose the weight and get healthy again through aerobic exercise. I saw the changes and how they made me feel inside and out. This time though, I am no longer doing it purely because of ego. I feel the need to keep myself fit and healthy for my son. I'd like to be still up and about when he grows up to be an adult. ---Of course, the side effects, such as the loose waist bands, are very much welcome!

Journal: I felt the changes happening: first, the white hair, then the wrinkles around the eyes. In the beginning, I was afraid of it. I even tried to fight it. Lately, I welcome it. I figured that this is what makes me, me. Would I have it any other way? NO. I don’t want to change who I have become. I am fabulously getting older.

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