Monday, March 31, 2008

My Little Book of Ancestors

This is a little child's ancestor book. It is intended to introduce my 4-year old to his ancestors as well as see his connection with them. Each of the ancestors has a 2x2 ID photo, plus a photo inside the flap, including a trait or characteristic that was passed on to my son. Inside flap photos show my son with his ancestor (parent or grandparent). For deceased ancestors, I used a photo of the ancestor together with me or my husband or close relative. It also has a LO page for my son to tie him to his ancestors. At the end of the book is a family tree that spans 5 generations. Minimal embellishments were used because of the thickness of the whole book. Also, by minimizing the embellishments, I lessen the chance of the book getting easily destroyed with handling by my son. This little book of ancestors is meant to be just a start in Galo's ancestry. It can also be expanded and developed with more volumes and is only limited by the lack of old photos and still uncovered information.

Journal: (The format for each ancestor is the same as that for my little boy.)

1st- This is Daddy Arn. I got my love for Math, audio speakers and F-1 Racing from him. (Inside flap) Daddy Arn was born on Dec.30,1963 in Quezon City. He is a great Mathematician, a writer, an editor and a computer, speak and dvd afficionado. (Photo shows Daddy with Galo.)

2nd- This is Mommy Candy. I got my creativity, love for the piano and for music from her. (Inside flap) Mommy Candy was born on Aug.1,1965 in Manila. She is an artist, a genealogist and a Montessori teacher. (Photo shows Mommy with Galo.)

3rd- This is Lolo Arnie. I got my big Lagazon ears from him. (Inside flap) Lolo Arnie Lagazon is Daddy's daddy. He was born on Dec.21,1936. He is a retired well-respected Language teacher. (Photo shows Lolo Arnie with Galo.)

4th- This is Lola Tessie. I got my determination to do things my own way from her. (Inside flap) Lola Tessie is Daddy's mommy. She was born on May16,1940. She died on Mar.30,1986. She was an elementary teacher and a child psychologist. (Photo shows Lola Tessie with daddy.)

5th- This is Lolo Butch. I got my distinctive Bonoan chin from him. (Inside flap) Lolo Butch is Mommy's daddy. He was born on Nov.10,1941. He was a banker and a finance expert. He is also a businessman. (Photo shows Lolo Butch with Galo.)

6th- This is Lola Connie. I got my love for dismantling things from her. (Inside flap) Lola Connie is Mommy's mommy. She was born on June 7,1943. She is a businesswoman, a construction expert and a Jill-of-all-trades. (Photo shows Lola Connie with Galo.)

7th- This is Greatlolo Martin. I got my wide Bonoan forehead from him. (Inside flap) Lolo Martin is Mommy's grandfather and the father of Lolo Butch. He was born on May 4,1904. He died on Jan.17,1957. He was a war veteran and an engineer. (Photo shows Lolo Martin smoking a cigar.)

8th- This is Greatlola Chiching. I got my big Pineda eyes and beautiful nose from her. (Inside flap) Lola Chiching is Mommy's grandmother and the mother of Lolo Butch. She was born on Jan.15,1900. She died on Oct.9,1991. She raised her 5 sons single-handedly after Lolo Martin's death. (Photo shows Lola Chiching with mommy.)

9th- This is Greatlolo Carding. I got my dark and tanned skin coloring from him. (Inside flap) Lolo Carding is mommy's grandfather and the father of Lola Connie. He was born on Apr.22,1910. He died on Apr.11,1979. He was a printing ink manufacturer. (Photo shows Lolo Carding with mommy.)

10th- This is Greatlola Mary. I got my love for chocolates from her. (Inside flap) Lola Maria is Mommy's grandmother and the mother of Lola Connie. She was born on Feb.7,1916. She died on Nov.9,1960. She was a housewife and was a beauty shop owner. (Photo shows Lola Maria with Lola Baby, Lola Connie's sister, and Lolo Carding.)

11th- This is me, Galo. I got everything, my looks, my brains and my personality from all of them. They are my ancestors. (Inside flap) I was born on Jan.8,2004. I am 4 years old. I like Ferrari F1s, Disney dvds, toy cars and singing. I like having fun and teasing others. (Photo shows of Galo at 4 yrs.old.)

12th- (FAMILY TREE showing relatives on both Bonoan and Lagazon side reaching up to 5 generations. The Lagazon side only goes up to Galo's greatgrandparents, while the Bonoan side goes up to Galo's great-greatgrandparents.)


Rachelle said...

I love it so much, pagtalaga kaw ang gagawa napapamangha ako lagi.
good luck girl.

marking said...

Hi Candy, Wow you finally finished your ancestor book for Galo. Its so inspiring. I should do this for my granddaughter.

C70 said...

what a beautiful book, Candy! More than anything else, this is really something Galo would treasure when he gets a little older! thank you for sharing!

Maybelle said...

Candy, i looked at each and every page carefully and all I can say is "WOW!!!!" Galo is so lucky to have this book until he grows up and his kids are even luckier to find this treasure. Naku, I don't even know my own family tree. All I know is up to my grandfather. I have relatives somewhere in Angat, Bulacan where my paternal grandma came from but sadly, I don't even know who & where they are. Sigh.....

Au Lim said...

ang galeng, galeng, galeng!!! if i were to rate this 10 out of 10 (sensya na, American Idol hangover pa ito) Truly magnificent idea! and so well executed! gusto ko rin ng ganyan! thanks for the idea. :-D

Candy said...

Thanks, Rachelle, Marian, CV, Maybs and Au! Your thumbs up is way beyond what I expected for this project. In truth, I was sitting on this for so long, I was quite glad it's done. Now Galo has something to start from should he want to learn more about his ancestry later.