Sunday, March 2, 2008

I won Studio Azul's Challenge! WOOOH!

I'm soo happy! I won the non-member's Studio Azul Challenge using Au's Sketch for Water Fountain! WOOOH! Didn't think I would since there were many, many LOs I think were even more striking than mine! But I won't say no to the prize! Haaaay, heaven. I love the RAK!!! Thanks, Mia and Tin! --- I am not worthy!!!--- Congratulations to all the ladies for their gorgeous LOs!


Alby said...

Congrats Candy! Well done!

Ella said...

Congrats! When I saw ur LO... i already knew the reason why u won. It captured my heart. Hehehe!!! Galing!

Candy said...

Thanks, Alby and Ella!