Saturday, July 26, 2008


Since May, I've been busy not just preparing for the opening of classes, but I've also been contemplating on whether or not to join the Memory Makers Masters 2009 Contest. On my own, I've already had doubts on my abilities to even qualify. Why would I when there are extremely great Filipino scrappers in PinoyScrapbookers and in Scrapbooks-Exchange? Sometime in April, Joanne Yap, one of our recognized scrapping motivators, egged me to give it a try. She said that my style, which I acknowledge now to be vintage, is different. And according to her, being different might just help give my LOs some notice by the judges.

I admit, as a certified scrapaholic who just loves the idea of prizes and scrapbook freebies, the idea is extremely enticing. Plus, it didn't seem too hard when I read the rules: 1 actual original LO + 4 copies of different original LOs. Then I got stumped. What should I make? What should I do? I sat on these thoughts for about a month before I finally decided to just go with what I felt.

I came up with the requisite 5 LOs for submission: 1 original, 4 colored copies. Of course, since this was the first time I joined any major contest, I was always second-guessing myself. Truth is, I made 2 extra originals and I reworked 2 as well. Didn't realize it was going to be that difficult.

What made it very hard to choose which ones to submit is the fact that there were practically no rules--- no number of photos, no required papers, no sketch to follow. So basically, they want to see one's style. Also, after making an initial 5 and sharing it with a couple of friends, I realized that opinions really differ. What dawned on me is that although all of my work basically reflects my style, I also saw which ribbons, alphas, basic LO design I almost always use. Not that that's bad. It's just that things can be redundant.

Of course, even if I told myself that I should be done by the end of June so I can just mail it in July, I made last-minute changes, last-minute LOs, last-minute photo releases, last-minute supply lists and last-minute Fuji-YKL 12x12 photo copies. Hence, I mailed the final 5 only last Saturday, July 26. Deadline is July 31 postmark. Of course, it came out expensive. I wanted to insure them, but all 5 LOs (that is 1 actual and 4 photo copies) already costs P1102 for mailing that would take approximately 7-10 days. Also, the colored photo copies that were done in 12x12 (actually 12x18 that was just cut) each cost P81. I had to make my own box and line it up inside with an envelope with bubble wrap. When I paid for that, I realized that just applying is really costly. Some pay a huge amount in FEDEX that go into the thousands for mailing. And still, there is no guarantee that these will be accepted. I suppose that is why they only ask for 1 actual LO which will not be returned. Everything else are just colored copies. Once accepted, I suppose, MMM will ask for the originals.

The mailing cost is certainly an issue. When I mailed the WWII Love Letters original LO, it already cost me P611 (including the bubble wrap envelope inside) for regular mail. And yet, there was no guarantee that it will be accepted. It made me realize that applying for publishing is costly and is not really affordable by everyone, all because of mailing costs. Otherwise, there should be a deluge of applications from this little country called the Philippines in all magazines. Bottom line, you have to have some money to even just apply for publication.

Of course, it would really be nice to be one of those who win in the MMM'09. I do understand that with the hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants all over the world, there is very little to no chance of that. I've accepted that fact. Judges will vary in their opinions as to what constitutes a great LO and what is just mediocre. And, as Nita Ang reminded me, scrapbooking should be done to please one's self, not others. That is so true.

Now if they can just hurry up in the judging so I can post my LOs in my blog, that would be enough.


Lee i. said...

Hey Candy, whether or not you get into the MM roll this year, you are already a Master to me. The mere fact that you actually went for it, finished some LOs and realized learnings in the process is already something. Good luck. Ano...scrap na tayo just for fun naman? Hehehe.

Mia Castrillo said...

Good luck, Candy! We're rooting for you! :-)

Maybelle said...

I wish you the best! Good luck!!!! And may the scrapbooking goddesses be listening to you!

Candy said...

Thanks, Lee, Mia and Maybs. Actually, I am so glad to have friends who would even listen to my musings (or what a long-time friend of mine described as "stream of consciousness" or a.k.a. "blabberings"), I feel very blessed. Bilib ako talaga sa suportahan natin!

Christine said...

Good luck, Candy! I'm glad you went for it!

Cookie Aguilar said...

Hi Ms Candy!!!
wow!! im really glad you tried for it!!! ika nga, how would you know if you wont try diba?! I'll be cheering for you!!! you definitely have a style na truly kakaiba!!! i wish you the best!!!