Sunday, July 13, 2008

Now up as Featured Page Idea in MM On-line Gallery

The LO Once Upon a Time Beautiful Belles is currently up as a Featured Page Idea. This is one of those LOs where I truly prized the photo because it is one of those very few showing us as a complete family. In this case, the patterned papers are all Scenic Route. I've always found it difficult to use pps because I find them too busy. Fortunately, with one of the papers, I saw "'corn" so I just had to make one for the LO. Also, to temper the many patterns, I painted brown on the main paper. Unintendendly, the brown spot looked like a paper burn, as if the the paper grew old.

Here's the link:,1_176_AHhhk0UAAL5NSGqIkQJrHnEl0Q0,1_765_AHhhk0UAAA4kSF4BPA2WC30tkgM,1_1490_AH9hk0UAADZ6SEh6cQcHlDdTMpk,1_1985_AH1hk0UAABlTSEh6QQmcXVpqr48,1_2480_AIBhk0UAAMVwSEgjOwVhnW3nd5E,

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ScRap CiRcLe said...

Congrats Candy. Love that LO of yours. Anyway, I tried to check the link but nag-error. I'll try to check it again later.