Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's my birthday! And I'll give a RAK if I want to!

It's my birthday this Friday, August 1. I'll be 43 years old and I feel GREAT! I lost weight (since we started aerobics in school), I can now fit into pre-pregnancy clothes (except for the snug bustline, but am still working on that!), and I feel healthy, fit and strong. I have a good career as an educator and a Montessori elementary school I can really be proud of. I've been blessed with a loving hubby who indulges my scrapbooking expenses, and I've also been gifted with a handsome, adorable, intelligent and pilyo 4-year old son. The other day, when I asked my little boy what he'll give me for my birthday (fishing!), he opened his empty palms and said, "Heto, mommy!," signifying himself. I almost melted! Then yesterday, he added, "Pang-scrapbooking, mommy, kasi iyon ang gusto mo!" Haaaay. I am truly blessed.

Because I've always believed that blessings always beget more blessings, I checked out my stuff to see what I can give away to my friends. And lo and behold! I found out that I have double of several items! My original 8 black drawer bins, most of them empty at the start of January, has now burst into 12! I'm barely a year into PS and SE and I've accumulated soooo much! So, to commemorate my birthday, as well as my joining these great and wonderfully supportive groups of friends, I am having a 2-pronged RAK give-away. Above are photos of my little boy obviously ecstatic with the cheap finger "lasers" (actually they're just small colored flashlights) I got in Cebu's Ayala Mall. When we switched off the lights and he waved his hand around, we had a mini-light show.

To win RAK#1, All you have to do is suggest a title for a LO I'd like to make of these photographs in the comment section of this post. The best title wins one of the RAK sets. And even if I don't get to choose your suggested LO title, I will also have a raffle (RAK#2) for everyone else. Hence, two (2) very lucky people will get my humble RAK. So here's what's in store:

For the LO Title RAK#1 (see 3rd photo), I am giving away the ff: 12x12 blue die-cut felt pieces, Fancy Pants 12x12 transparency Beauty, 12x12 transparency Memory, Autumn Leaves French Twist RubOns, heart chipboard pieces, K&Co Glittered Twinkle Type Spring Chipboard Alphas, K&Co Life's Journey Clearly Yours Alpha Stickers, mm LOVE photo decor chipboard, American Crafts Thickers Leg Warmers Felt Letter Stickers, Heidi Swapp Frills Clear Shapes Stamps, Maya Road Secret Box Chipboard Book, and 9 pcs assorted Autumn Leaves Chipboard Journaling Panels.

For the Raffle RAK#2 (see 4th photo), I am giving away the ff: 12x12 blue die-cut felt pieces, Fancy Pants 12x12 transparency My Valentine, 12x12 transparency Nature, Autumn Leaves French Twist Rub-Ons, heart chipboard pieces, K&Co Glittered Twinkle Type Happy Chipboard Alphas, Michele Ackerman's Butterfly Garden Alphabet Dome Stickers, Jo-Ann Scrap Essentials A-Z Large Rub-On Alphabet (white), Exchangeable Clear Stamper Alphabet Stamps, Cosmo Cricket Love Notes Chipboard Pieces Dear ABC's, and 9 pcs. assorted Autumn Leaves Chipboard Journaling Panels.

Everyone is eligible to enter. Deadline for your entries and comments on this post is on August 3, Sunday, 11:59 pm. Metro Manila residents can get the prizes from me in one of our EBs. Non-MM residents can make other arrangements with me. We'll cross that bridge later. --- How exciting!


Gaye said...

Hi Candy! Advance happy happy birthday to you!!! Napaka-generous mo naman ikaw pa mamimigay sa bday mo. and not just a RAK ha, yummy RAK! =)

RAK#1 - "Laser Fascination"

RAK#2 - i'm not that lucky with raffles but i'm crossing my fingers.

scrapgurl said...

Advance happy birthday Candy! How nice of you to give out RAKS. My suggestion for a title would be: You light up my life, you color my world.

g_ann said...

Wow Happy Birthday in advance Candy. =) So sweet of you to give out RAKs on your birthday. The title I was thinking of for you LO is: "You {light}en my day"
Hope you have a great birthday ahead. Your little boy is so sweet too. Your last blog entry is so heartfelt. I'm happy for you & your family.

Timi O. Mercado said...

Happy Birthday Candy! I'll post my answer to RAK#1 later.

purplesea said...

advance happy birthday candy! It's really very kind of you to offer RAKs for your birthday. My suggestion for a title is : Light Show
with subtitle: you make nighttime lots of fun.

God Bless. Hope you have a great birthday!

sahmae said...

hi!!!your prizes are so cool!!!
Advance happy birthday poh..
hmm... my title would be..
Light of my Life!!

goodluck poh...

jeanie nieva said...

hi miss candy!advanced happy birthday in advance. thanks for the chance to join the rak. my suggestion for the title would be:

when your eyes light up, my world lights up. :)

Me-anne's Nook said...

Hi Candy,

Advance Happy Birthday to you!Napaka generous mo naman at may pa RAK ka pa, syempre di ko papalampasin to heheheh.

suggested title: My Life's D'Light

Mia Castrillo said...

Happy birthday Candy! You ARE so blessed! And may the Lord continue to bless your heart and your family! :-)

Your little boy looks so cute with his toy! My suggested title: LUMINO.

S said...

Hi Candy,

Advance Happy Birthday!!! Have fun and enjoy your day.

I can't decide on title but definetely it should have Smile and Light. Pwede bang 4 suggestions? though medyo pare-pareho lang naman itong apat:

My suggestions are:
1. Let a Smile be your Light
2. Your Smile LIGHTS up the world
3. You have a Smile that Lights up the world
4. When you smile, the whole world lights up.

fenny said...

Hi, Candy... Advance happy birthday! Kasabay mo pa ang Ramon Magsaysay Awardees 2008 Announcements namin!

It's so generous of you to give out RAKs on your birthday at definitely, di ko palalampasin yan!

My suggestion is: Colorful Lights, Great Life! hehehe... =p

dianeskie said...

Advance Happy Birthday Candy!!!! Parehas pala tayo August.. ikaw umpisa ng month ako katapusan. hihihi!

Suggested Title: Laser Happiness (wala akong maisip pasensya na)

Crossing my fingers to that RAK #2 din...

leira said...

RAK # 1.. You Are My Light
Rak# 2 hope makatsamba

Cookie Aguilar said...

hi Ms Candy!!!! Happy Birthday!!! wow nakakatuwa naman reading your post... pero kahit you already have the things and the person that you love, i wish you more in the coming years!

try ko give title...BEAMINGLY COOL

bessie said...

light fingers

Arnie said...

happy happy birthday to you Candy!!! May you be showered with more and more blessings! you are always an inspiration to everyone!
thanks so much for this RAK. :)

RAK#1 - "Lumino de Galo"
as for RAK#2 - i just hope im lucky enough! tee hee hee

Lee i. said...

ay nawala ang post ko. hmmm...uulitin ko na lang. choppy kasi internet kanina. i think i said, Light of Lights or You are the light of lights. or Light Delight. gaganda ng mga suggestions ng iba. you'll have a hard time choosing. advanced happy birthday!

Liezl said...

Hello! Happy birthday! Same birth month pala tayo nina Dianne. May natipuhan na kong title sa mga nauna pero syempre "may i suggest" pa rin ako. As of this time ito pa lang naisip ko.....

"Let there be Light!"

commonly heard (kasi nasusulat yan!) pero pag dinugtungan mo na ng journaling mo mag evolve na lahat dito, di ba?

If may maisip pa ko later, I'll get back!

God Bless!

yoyin said...

Hi, Candy. Happy birthday {in advance}!!! :) Wishing you (another) great year ahead.

Suggested title: Super-Laser-Boy :)
hehehe... 'la akong maisip...

pero...if you ask me... i like what arnie suggested (Lumino de Galo) -- sounds/seems like something you would think up yourself. :)

Cherubyn said...

Since it is your birthday, I suggest "CANDYlight"

Pam said...

hi candy happy bday! i want to join your RAK.

Title 1: TRACES of LOVE

Title 2: Ray of Light

how many titles ba are we allowed to give you?

pam cayetano

dinah said...

Hi Candy! Happy birthday! Here are my suggestions:

1. Neon Magic
2. Neon Hands

marking said...

Hi Candy. Happy birthday! my suggestion is Magic Light Boy.

Benga said...

Happy birthday Candy!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

happy birthday miss candy. :D

its friday today. teehee.

"i like my laser lights mommy"
and this be the subs "but i love you"

:D this is crap. sorry :D

or.. "my little nightlight" it makes no sense, but rhymes. :D heehee.

or or or.. simply.. "you shine" :D haha. that sounds corny.

and since this is your birthday! ill make you a poem! :D :D :D

"the light you see everyday.
puts hope in your heart, and there forever it will stay.
you appreciate the extravagant, and love the simplest of things.
just seeing your son smile.
it makes you life more meaningful than it is.
you feel...complete."

"you've seen the world at its best.
you've also seen it at its worst.
but it gave you that tug to make it glow.
you're a simple woman who touched others lives uniquely.
therefore,you're also an extraordinary woman. :D
you love slow songs, it brings up memories.
you aren't scared of tears.
you live your life to how you want it to be.
you've thanked everyone for what you have.
just seeing smiles on peoples faces lightens up your day.
just so you know.
those people, love that very stunning woman you were, then and now"

this poem was a little of a judgment. i just predicted (if thats the right word) what you are on your picture. oh and sorry for that two comment i deleted. it sounded too wrong. :D

:D happy birthday again! :D

oh i am the 14 year old kid in pinoyscrapbookers. :D yie. :D anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Betchay Salustiano said...

Hi Candy! Happy Birthday! yummy goodies...sali ako!

title: 3G ( Galo's Gleaming Gift ) 0r ( Galo's Glowing Gift )

thanks for your generosity...tc..God Bless!

Christine said...

Just wanted to greet you a happy birthday! :)

Renoa said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Those YUMMY goodies! Thanks for being so generous on your birthday since it was supposed to be us that giving you something!

Anyway~ my choice of title would be: "Laser on my hand...can i have it mommy?"

Or "Ooo~ I want to sleep with them!" yikes! thats weird! or perhaps "Colorful lights!"

ScRap CiRcLe said...

Hi Candy, happy birthday again.

Our suggestions are: (had to ask hubby to come up with the following titles)

1. It’s a kind of magic!
2. A boy’s fantasy and gossamer dreams
3. My son’s light fantastic
4. Weaving the magic of love
5. Playing to a standstill
6. Simple joys simply shine
7. The gleam in your eyes
8. Luminosity