Monday, August 18, 2008

Week #1: The 4-piece Party Package

After reading the instructions, I must admit, I wasn't flustered. I was more bothered with the time element. Good thing that there are no classes today, Aug. 18 (to commemorate Aug. 21 or Ninoy Aquino Day) and tomorrow, Aug. 19 for Quezon City Day. I suppose I won't be so lucky next time.

The reason I wasn't really too scared is that I really do personalize my son's birthday parties and make such items for friends for years now. I don't get paid for them, I just like making them. I get excited and feel the adrenalin rush whenever I have to be creative. I have to think outside the box and see how else to make the party special.

I just finished my party package tonight. Instead of the requisite 4, I ended up with 5 pa nga. It was fun because I had to make a hypothetical scenario for such a party. Now tomorrow, I'll just buy the one item I need for one of the pieces, then photo time in the afternoon! I'm sure to have a blast fixing up the table!

I have actually wondered if I can do this for a living. Many of my friends have urged me to do it. Maybe after this whole 8-week routine (if I survive that long!), I can finally have the portfolio I can show to my friends in Bounce. Aside from Wedding LOs, I can also customize party details and decor. Hmmm. That really sounds more appealing right now than teaching. May kakagat kaya?

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