Monday, August 4, 2008

Bithday RAK Winners

First of all, I'd like to say , "THANK YOU to all of my friends and well-wishers!" I didn't realize it until then but I got so many birthday messages and greetings, it was overwhelming!!! I have so many friends in this group, I feel so blessed.

After getting a headache sifting through exactly 50 title entries, both hubby and I were very impressed with the variety of names everyone came up with for the given series of photographs. I'm sure I couldn't have made even 10 if I tried. Of course, hubby and I made a final choice on the title that both captured the photos and the sentiments behind the LO I'll make. Dan-da-raran!!! (Drum roll, please!) RAK #1 Title Winner is "NEON MAGIC" by Dinah!!!

Little Galo had to have a role too. He was the one who let me borrow his Jollibee chicken joy pail to put in the 39 names of all of those who greeted me in my blog. And the lucky chosen one by the little hand is (dan-da-raran!) Cookie!!! Cookie gets to have RAK #2.

Congratulations, Dinah and Cookie!!! I'll get in touch with you regarding your RAK very soon.


cabbie lopez said...

congrats cookie! naku si cookie, napakaswerte kahit saan. hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

well happy birthday though. :D congratz.