Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Party 2007 CD Wall Art Challenge

As was mentioned in my post under Busy Christmas, I wasn't looking forward to making this challenge. I just couldn't see myself making something out of 3 cds and just covering them up.

For this project, I used 8 TDK cds. When I tried cutting one of the cds into two, I saw that the cd halves actually split into 2 sheets, one with the shiny metallic part, the other with the purple transparent plastic part. It's the latter that I used to cut into small squares to make a mosaic plastic frame for my LO. Then I adhered the pieces with stick glue. It's not as sturdy as I would have wanted, but it worked. For the rest of the LO, I used various rub-ons under the cd mosaic and on top of it, all with the theme "Family," on Daisyd's No.23. I used the same paper for covering the frame. I also used Prima Just for You Enjoying You for decorating the lower left corner, then topped it with a velvet ribbon and a Karen Foster "Treasures" metal nickle plate.

I was surprised when I found out that no one else was cutting cds. I thought that that was what others did. Someone even said jokingly that what I used are not cds, but mother of pearl! And, to top it all, it was one of the winners! (Thanks, Marinella of, for sponsoring the challenge!)

Now I have a cd wall art I can really proudly display at home. It's a far cry from those Home Economics Projects meant "to beautify the home."

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