Thursday, December 6, 2007

Busy Christmas PLUS!

Christmas is a very hectic time of the month for me. As a teacher, we have lessons to finish, a Christmas Program and Party to plan and to execute, school letters to write, recommendation letters and certified true copies of school grades to do for the graduating children. It never ends!

Currently, I'm choreographing my grades 4-7 class' dance from West Side Story called "Cool." Some of the kids can't tell their right from their left, while others literally have poor gross motor skills. --- But when the children do get to realize what I'm driving at, they appreciate it. They even clapped when they got it right. The upside to this is that in the last few days, I've actually lost weight, just because of the dance. Of course, my UE1 (upper elementary class in Montessori) class still has to finish their own modern "showdown" dance which they have problems finishing themselves. Then there's their Filipiniana dance called "Dugso," which requires me to play the clavicles, the maracas and the bells without any music. We also have 3 songs to sing. And all of these have to be ready by Dec.18th!--- And I still have to make my gifts for the children!

Then there's the PinoyScrapbookers-Scrapbook Exchange Christmas Party. I'm really excited for the party, but I also have to squeeze in finishing all the challenges they have. There's the Christmas Card, as well as the cd wall art. The Christmas Card took me a long while to do, from planning, to trial-and-error, to execution, but I'm quite pleased with the result. The cd wall art is another matter. When I learned about it, I actually said, "What?! I don't want that on my wall!" It reminded me of the Home Economics projects in high school wherein I was supposed to make something out of trash which I often thought still looked like trash for the purpose of "beautifying the home."

Anyway, I figured out a way of incorporating the cds, at least 3, into something I'd like to have on my wall. I'll take photos of the two projects by tomorrow and post it on Saturday, the day of the party. I'm proud of what I've actually done... even if I don't win a thing.

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