Friday, December 28, 2007

Life Lay-out

This was an entry in Scrapbytes' Challenge. This lay-out is inspired by the lives of those who have gone before us, teaching us about how they lived their lives and how we aspire to be like them.

Journal: Human history is all about life. When man learns to ride through his failure and sail through his successes, man has lived a full life.

My grandmother lived a full life. She was born at the turn of the 20th century at a time when revolutions in industry and science are breaking through. She was also bron at a time when the world was at the brink of war. Throughout her life, she saw many things unfold right before her eyes: the onslaught of fighter plane, the Bombing of Manila, the attack of the Japanese, the Death March, the invention of the atom bomb. She also saw the growth of the automobile industry, man's historic trip to the moon, the rise of women power, the invention of the personal computer, the start of the information age, and the rise and fall of many presidents. All these things made her complicated, just like any change brings major upheavals in one's life. Yet, these changes made her stronger. It made the fabric of her life tighter, leaner, tauter, and the embroidery of her soul, intricate. When I study her life, I see the past unfold as her story, man's history. I see her past as my past. But just as sure as I am making my own history, I also see in her my future. When human nature unfolds, even in the direst of circumstances, true beauty cannot help but bloom. In all her triumphs and adversities, she came out to be who she became: a wife, a mother and a grandmother, well-respected, well-thought-of, and well-loved. Hers was a life fully-lived. I can only aspire to live such a life.

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