Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cloth Parols

I've done parols in the past which I've given away for Christmas. My parols are inspired by the parols made by Tita Hannah Trinidad, wife of Corky Trinidad, the famous political cartoonist of Honolulu Advertiser. She makes parols using cloth, instead of japanese paper in Hawaii. No one parol is alike.

I was planning to make 1 new parol for our house every year since Galo was born. He's now almost 4 and I only had 2 parols, so I decided to make one more. This time, I used my old blue silk Victoria's Secret pajama top for the cloth. Very blue it turned out, just to my liking. I added ribbons, sewed glass beads and seed pearls, and of course, included the requisite electric light which I made from scratch.

I also included my two other parols in the display. Parol 2004 was made from my old white cotton chinese embroidered blouse, while Parol 2005 was made from a frayed banig bag. Galo likes them lighted at night.

I hope I get to make a new one next year.

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Rachelle said...

Galing ng idea mo dyan ha! Nice one