Sunday, December 9, 2007


For the Scrapbooks Hawaii Around the Block Challenge, I made this LO of my dear Tita Annie. It's the first time I poured out my sentiments on her passing last year on the eve of this year.

Journal: Christmas 2006 was bittersweet for us.

We had set up a makeshift hospital room in the house when you asked to brought home for Christmas.
Cancer had spread from your lungs to your head.
You were constantly in pain.
By then, we knew it was a matter of time.
It would be your last Christmas

On New Year's Eve, you left us.
It was something we thought we were prepared for.
Yet, when death came knocking, it was still a shock/
You left us bereft, lonely and missing you.

Another Christmas is coming and we still feel lost without you.
We know that you are now happy and at peace.
Although the pain of our loss grows less each day,
it has never been the same.
We still have to find peace in all of these.

You will always be missed, dear Tita Annie.

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