Friday, February 29, 2008

In My Secret Garden (and Webster's Pages)

I am so in love with Webster's Pages! The first time I saw such papers was sometime in Oct.-Nov. when I first saw them on-line in Lasting Impressions. I knew I just had to have those lovely papers so I bought them immediately. Since then, I regularly visited the Webster's Pages site. It's the only site I actually visit all the time!

For Lasting Impressions' Webster's Challenge, I made 2 LOs. This was the first. I was so excited to use the papers, I was the first to even submit a LO! Talk about eager-beaver!

Lately, I have become obsessed with painting. Although I have been painting for years on canvas, I've never done so on an LO. After seeing Studio Azul's "paintables" last Christmas and seeing Luminarte's pots of paint, I knew I just had to start taking up the palette again.

My wedding photo captured a spontaneous look back at my friends and well-wishers while my dad gave me away to hubby at the altar.

Hidden Journal: In my secret garden, I am forever beautiful. I feel the bountiful blessings of life, the sweet serenity of youth, and the tranquility of love. As the years pass, this image will be locked in the secret garden of my mind.

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