Monday, February 18, 2008


I made Matriarch for the Pillar of Strength Challenge of A Peek into Yesterday. It didn't win, but my friend, Lee, won for I Know Her Heart about her mother. Matriarch is about my Lola Chiching, a favorite subject of mine. She was quite strong for a female with 5 rambunctious sons.

Hidden Journal: She single-handedly raised my dad and his 4 brothers during WW2, while her husband was a soldier, fighting the Japanese. When Japan bombed Manila, she ingeniously tied each boy’s belt loop to one rope. When the bombs started falling, she would pull the rope to bring everyone to safety. When the Japanese were hunting them, she made each child be quiet while hiding in the dark cellar. And when her husband died, she took over her husband’s construction business. She is my grandmother, the pillar of strength of our whole clan. Had it not been for her, none of her children would be here. I would not be here.

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