Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Once Upon a Time Beautiful Belles

I really like this photo and Scenic Route LO. The photo of my family when I was about 18 years old is one of those few we have where we're complete. Taken in Disneyland, it was a rare opportunity for us to wear costumes and pose for a B&W photograph southern style. The corn attached to the journal is something I really had fun making. As soon as I saw the patterned paper, I knew it had to be made into a corn. Actually, it was this corn idea that prompted me to use the photograph which I've longed to scrap for the longest time. Hidden Journal reads:
nce upon a time, in a land far, far away, a man with his wife and 5 daughters visited this enchanted kingdom called Disneyland. It was their first trip to this wonderful land so they sampled all the rides and all its shops. In one shop, they saw a man making old photographs. This man was a wizard. He dressed them all up in old clothes and instantly transformed them into gentle ladies of the south. Everyone felt beautiful. Although the old clothes were sent back, and everyone returned to their normal selves, he captured that one enchanting moment. The wizard created a picture that would last a lifetime, once upon a time.


Jeff & Pia said...

Candy! I must say I really really love your SR challenge entry!

Lee i. said...

love this LO, from the corn, to the photo, to the journaling. A+!!!

Benga said...

agree! type na type ko tlga to, one of my fave LOs among your gorgeous LOs, glad I saw this IRL

Hapi V day!

iris said...

Candy!! Henyo ka! Ang galing nung corn idea mo!qqcfpqk

Ella said...

candy...danda danda nito..can't help to leave u a note... Very very nice!!!