Thursday, May 15, 2008

Belt Bag & Matching bag pouches

I am not fond of pink. I do like using it sometimes in LOs or in seeing it in others. I just don't like wearing pink. Maybe it has something to do with my personality--- like pink is supposed to signify "sugar and spice and everything nice." However, I know deep inside, I'm just not that kind of person. So when the belt bag arrived, I felt my insides turn to knots.

I knew I can still use and decorate on it, but in the back of my head, I still kept on saying, this will be better in black. So black I went. Not all of it, but most of it. Then I added touches of silver stamped scrolls and sewed parts of the scrolls. It's no joke to sew through the pockets and the thick rubber insides! I had to use a very big, and I mean a no-joke 3 1/2" needle, the biggest I could find! Plus a thimble and silver Kotex thread. I used the thicker silver thread at first but I ran out. Since Carolina's didn't have that particular sized thread, I had to re-do the stitching for almost half of it. Of course, I got a few callouses plus a few needle pricks. But, after the sore fingers, I must admit, I like how it turned out.

I stamped silver acrylic over the acrylic black areas, and black ink on the pink areas. I had to make some parts still pink since I figured I might not be able to clearly print the LIST in white or silver because of the text. I decided that the list is a good idea because if I were to go to a scrap meet, I always have to have a checklist of things to bring. If I have that on the belt bag, it would be easy to just mentally tick them off and pack them inside my bag/-s. Here's what's printed: List 1. Bring photos 2. papers 3. adhesives 4. scissors 5. cutter, mat 6. metal ruler 7. paints 8. alphas 9. rub-ons, stamps 10. embellies.

I decided to also embellish this belt bag with a beautiful black lace (told you am a fan of elegant black!) with silver stitching and a white baglace from Desi. I used black rub-ons on the white beads to make it really mine and personal.

I'm pleased with the result. Then, obsessive-compulsive person that I am, I had to have a go at the National Bookstore freebie black organizer. That one just needed a stamp. Then I just had to paint my orange bag of paints black to match it as well. How compulsive can I get! Until the last minute, I even thought of painting my scrapbag black!!! Lol! Even if I don't win in this challenge for the Scrapfest, I'm happy that all of these now represent who I am. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!


Benga said...

wow naman napakatyaga mo sa pag-alter and it turned out really elegant! I hope you win!

Maybelle said...

i wondered who turned in this entry! I found it so elegant & chic!

tna said...

i love your bag candy. i am a black and earth tones girl so i really admired your entry. :)

Alby said...

Wow Candy! I so love your tool bag. Very elegant and chic. I can't believe you actually stitched a pattern. I only stitched 4 buttons and I was wishing there is an easier way to attach them. :) How did you do the LIST? Did you stamp that? Ang galing!