Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tagged Again

I was tagged by Tina and Sandra

Guidelines —

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  3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
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* I am afraid of cockroaches, especially those that fly!

* I often multi-task.

* I love Barrio Fiesta Bagoong on rice.

* I often stare at my son's nose while he's sleeping and wish I had such a nose.

* I don't like to reheat and serve left-overs so I often "recycle" food to make it different and appealing.

* I am either overly messy or overly neat and organized but mostly the former.

Now, I am tagging Marix, Liezl, Donna, Roxannee, Pia, Phylline.

1 comment:

Benga said...

thanks for the tag Candy!
NAtakam ako dun sa bagoong, might cook binagoongan later on hahaha
as for your question on my LO, the green ones I cut from KI Lace cardstock, un parang vine naman I cut from AC pp, nilagyan ko lng ng glossy accent para medyo shiny.
thanks for dropping by at my blog!