Monday, May 5, 2008

Stamping 101

This is a LO for Studio Azul based on Iris Uy's sketch. I had a hard time doing this since I couldn't figure out how to use circle photos. Although the sketch only asked for 5 or so, I decided to make more and make it as part of the design.

What I liked about this, however, is that it showed how my son loved to do stamping. I know he had seen me stamp several times, but he wanted to do it his own way. When his nanny gave him the glass chess pieces I placed in a box, I couldn't help but laugh! Apparently, both Galo and his nanny thought that the chess pawn is a stamp, esp. since the base of the pawn is a circular felt cloth!

Journal: Note
1. Get a chess pawn.
2. Get a stamp pad.
3. Press pawn base on stamp.
4. Stamp on paper.
5. Repeat stemps 1-4.
6. Add a little gusto.
7. Repeat several times.
10. PROUDLY!!!

Materials: WRMK Homemade Woolen Stocking, Thickers Champagne, mm 5th Blossoms & Buttons flower, SEI Pearl Brads Guy, Carolina's ribbon, Reeves Acrylic Phthalo Blue, Brilliance Moonlight White, Uniball Signo pen. Others: See-d's Savoir Faire stamp, Inque Boutique Nightingale.

Techniques used: Stamping, painting, doodling circular pattern on main photo, handwriting the journal.

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Lee i. said...

I thought this was so funny when you told me the story. Great you finally scrapped it!