Friday, May 2, 2008

"Chick-munk" Piggy Bank

My son recently had his first pet, a chick that was artificially colored green. He called it "Chickmunk." I wanted to teach him responsibility which was why I allowed him to have the chick. Unfortunately, it died 3 days later. I still have to make a LO of Galo and Chickmunk sometime.

To appease him, I made a piggybank to remind him of his pet friend. In the beginning, my goal was just to cover the can with green paper, add eyes and that was it. Then, Galo asked for wings, so I had to make wings. Then he asked for feet, so I acceded to the request. How can I say no to my son in his time of need?

To make the piggy bank opening in the can, I used a hammer and a nail to first score the coin slot. Then I hammered through one punch at a time. To straighten the slot, I also inserted a dull bread knife into it, and hammered the handle. To keep the opening safe, esp. inside, I inserted a gaffer tape into the slot covering the rough edges above and inside the can. Then I covered this with pps.

To make the paper have feather-like texture, I cut strips of green paper (Daisyda's Capri and BG Embarcadero) and I made partial cuts on one side to simulate hair. I used about 1" of both alternately to make the feathers appear more realistic and not monochromatic.

To make the wings, I drew the wings free-hand twice, covered it with Daisyd's Morningside and inked the sides. Then I stuck them on the covered can. I added the eyes and the claws, and presto, CHICKMUNK lives!

Materials: Daisyd's Capri, Daisyd's Morningside, BG Pheobe Embarcadero, Bazzill olive green cs for beak, Creative Imaginations Narratives, UBL moving eyes, Colorbox chestnut roan ink, misc. chipboard.


emelyn said...

This is so cute, Candy! I love the texture of the feather...I bet Galo loves it!

cabbie lopez said...

wow candy.... galing ng strips of paper ba yun??? so tyaga!!!! cute pa siya!!!

CraftFairy said...

so cute! puno na ba ng coins?