Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Got Selected for Webster's Pages I Love You Contest!

A few months ago, I stumbled on Webster's Pages and fell in love with their line of papers, rub-ons and alpha stickers. They had this "I Love You" Contest wherein everyone was encouraged to give their definition of what love is beyond the use of words. I completely forgot about this since I just made a definition on a whim, thinking, "What am I to lose anyway?" Well, I got selected as one of the 3 out of 1000+ entries. Who'd believe it? I still can't. I never thought I was good at words, let alone defining the quintessential "LOVE." You can check it out at

Here's what I wrote:
I love you is not said in words.
It is said in many different ways
without the use of words.
I love you is not said in 3 red roses.
It is said in a box of tissue,
when you've just had a fight
and the tears keep on flowing.
I love you is not said in a love letter.
It is said in a plain white mailing envelope
that you see in your mailbox every week.
I love you is not said in a box of chocolates.
It is said in a thoughtful gesture,
like a hug when you feel down.
I love you is not said in an engagement ring.
It is said in the holding of hands,
to assure you that you will never be alone.
I love you is not said in front of a priest.
It is said in front of God.
I love you is not a bunch of empty words.
It is a promise made for all eternity
to go beyond all mortality.


Benga said...

Congratulations Candy! naks makbagbagdamdamin, very well said!you're a very good writer tlga!

jeanie said...

hi miss candy!congrats on the win. is it ok if i link you up? thanks. :)

emelyn said...

Beautiful words, Candy! Great ways to say I love you!!

Freethinker said...

Congrats on the win, candy! But more than that, you just encapsulated in these words what "I love you" is supposed to be. Thanks for sharing! :-)