Monday, April 7, 2008


My friend recently had his birthday and I couldn't figure out what to give him. I decided to ask for a photograph which I can scrap. Fortunately, I still have an extra shadowbox for this LO. Journal is hidden. To protect his privacy, I can't reveal the journal.

This is just my 2nd time to make a LO for someone else. Doing the LO isn't difficult, but making the journal is. I realized that I've taken for granted that the journal is a personal insight on a particular photo, a sentiment felt during that time. I realized that I couldn't write the journal for someone else, that I couldn't even just leave the journal blank for that someone to fill in the words. I suppose, I've always felt that a photo without the right journal is just a photo. However, a photo with a journal captures moments unlike any other.

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Alby said...

Hi Candy! I totally agree with your insight. I learned that when I agreed to make a scrapbook for a friend. I coldn't write anything. How would I know how he felt about the photo? I didn't know what that photo represented. So I just inserted tags for him just in case he wants to write something. Without the journaling, the album is just that, a nice photo album. However, with meaningful journaling, it becomes a walk back in time, a treasure book of fond memories, etc.