Thursday, April 10, 2008

Red Roses

This wedding was resplendent in red roses. The photograph shows the couple right after they walked down the aisle from the altar after the ceremony. Apparently, no one prepared to shower them with flowers so we had to crush some red roses from the vases lining the aisle and shared these with the guests who stayed behind to congratulate the couple. These gorgeous rose petals were thrown at them for good luck.

To simulate the roses, I used a Stampin'Up Rose Stamps Set on plain red cardstock and highlighted these with glaze pens and gold embossing powder. I decided to leave a hidden blank white journal card for my friends to supply their sentiments for that day.


CraftFairy said...

very pretty! and that's great idea you did there! Bet ya rose petals are better than rice or confetti.

autumn said...

wow! you're so talented. i'm a mom, too. but i'm not creative as you and my mom. lol.