Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wedding Invitations with Dried Flowers

I did this very simple LO on my friend's wedding this afternoon. I used actual dried roses from her wedding last week. I was able to use my Microfleur kit to dry the rosebuds using the microwave oven. This was my first time to use the Microfleur although I've had it for some time now. I'm glad how it turned out since the color of the rosebuds are closer to the original than if it was naturally pressed between old telephone directories.

Unfortunately, the imprint on the white square ceramic tile on the bottom left is hardly seen. The imprint has the couples' names.

The other wedding invitation below is that of my sister's. I had this extra invitation which just screamed to me to be embellished with dried flowers and leaves. This was something I started a long time ago but didn't finish until today. A friend is urging me to offer my services for weddings, both for the invitations and for scrapbooking photos. These will be part of my portfolio. Here's keeping my fingers crossed.

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micheljoi said...

Ang galing galing naman talaga. Iba talaga ang pagka-artistic mo Candy! Parating unbelievable and execution mo....great work!