Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Galo, Age 4, on the day you decide to walk down that aisle

This KAYA Challenge of Lee was a very difficult one indeed. The LO didn't take long to do. It was the handwritten letter that took me a week to finish. There were days (and I was still on vacation then) when I'd intentionally stay away from it. I knew that once I sat down to work on it, the tears will flow. I'm glad I finished it though. This letter says everything I'd like to say.

Dearest Galo,

Today, you have decided to walk down that aisle. By the time you read this, I'll be at least 20, 30 or 40 years older. I may not even be there by this time. This is a consequence of marrying a bit older and having you even much later.

Don't get me wrong. Marrying late was our choice, specifically mine. I had to study and find myself in the world before I could commit to your dad for life. I was able to live and experience the life I wanted. I knew what I gave up so I didn't have any misgivings or doubts. I knew what I was ready for.

Having you late was something we didn't anticipate. We have given up hope when you made your presence felt. Because of the difficult pregnancy, I admit I was angry at God and even wished you away. Fortunately, God didn't listen to me at that time. The miracle of your birth changed all that. Again and again, we were reminded that you are our gift, our "regalo." And over the succeeding years, you have made our lives happy, and our family complete.

I am sure that the woman you chose is someone you truly love. My mom once said that a mother always feels that no one is good enough for her child. I often wondered about that if and when the time came. I would like to think that we would have taught you enough to be able to choose someone who deserves your love. Just promise me that you will cherish her like your dad cherished me.

If by this time, I do have the chance to meet her, I will welcome her with open arms and accept her like the daughter I never had.

I love you, my son, with all of my heart. It would be a privilege to see you walk down that aisle, should luck be on my side.

P.S. Should you decide to enter a religious community instead, you have our blessings as well. We know that God speaks in many ways. If you listen to His voice inside you, you will know what is right for you.


dinah a. maningat said...

hi candy! i like your layout & i love your journaling! first paragraph pa lang, i was already in tears. i share with you the experience of marrying & having a son later in life when almost everyone else is done with it.
great layout!

Mia Castrillo said...

this is so touching, candy! naiyak din ako! haha. im sure your son will appreciate this layout when he is a lot older. :-)

Lee i. said...

love love this LO talaga. everything about it - the photo, the journaling, the vintage yet minimalistic style. galing.

emelyn said...

oh candy!! why did I read this here at work. I'm crying right now. beautiful, beautiful letter! and very inspiring. I would love to write a letter to my children....and that photo is perfect!!

now, I need to take a picture of them walking down the aisle...LOL!